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Get Stylin' with KinjaFixes for Stylus!

Now available as a Stylus-compatible user.css file for easy installation and even less hassle than the userscript! If you already have Stylus installed, click here to install the user.css file!

Nu-Kinja Script Updated (again) Nu-Kinja Script Updated (again)

Remember that script I made because I was sick of Kinja being duffed up every 30 minutes by the dev team? Well, after 4 hours of dev time, it’s ready to be pushed out. Warning: I haven’t had a chance to test it on different resolutions, so it *may* look odd on your machine.

Tired of New Kinja? Try Kinja Fix'd (v 1.1) Tired of New Kinja? Try Kinja Fix'd (v 1.1)

Imagine waking up on a Monday morning. Open up your favorite blog, in my case, Kotaku. You’d see this: