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When it Rains it Pours When it Rains it Pours

And Hour Rule.

I'm in a Pickle... I'm in a Pickle...

I’ve got a crush on my boss.

Wake up! Wake up!

I just love closing the store and turning around to open it..... smiles everyone.

Want Want Want Want Want Want


Hour Rule Hour Rule

Alvis! Yay!

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Rover SD1 and a Saab , yes, thank you!

Learn me Something Learn me Something

How far should I run?

"Flurries" in Milwaukee "Flurries" in Milwaukee

Lying ass weatherman. Woke my ass up to this at 8AM... Flurries, eh?

Goodnight, Oppo Goodnight, Oppo

A good bed time song...

Was Bumming Around Town... Was Bumming Around Town...

Popped into some old electronics and records store and they had this!

I Take Back What I Said About Kentucky's AA/9 I Take Back What I Said About Kentucky's AA/9

After my second stint going into from Raleigh to Milwaukee (finally nestling in)....Sorry if you live there but... Indiana is by far the worst state I have ever driven in. The 65 is just nothing but construction zones. Really, really, really long construction zones.

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