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Apple Pie Apple Pie

ABC 1978. Norman Lear. Rue McClanahan, Dabney Coleman, Jack Gilford. Two episodes aired. Directed by Peter Bonerz.

Wheat Thins Wheat Thins


Future Cop Future Cop

This was the never say die robot cop show. Two networks, two titles. Sued by Harlan Ellison. Ernest Borgnine, John Amos. ABC 1977. NBC 1978 named Cops and Robin. 8 episodes.

Little Games Little Games

Aunt Mildred. On Cozi-TV now. Jenny Agutter, Cesar Romero. Jewel thieves. Magnum crashes the estate computer while playing games. Cozi has changed their Sunday Magnum schedule. Not happy. Second episode coming next...

Top Cop Flops & Forgotten Detectives: Redux Top Cop Flops & Forgotten Detectives: Redux

It was Tenspeed and Brown Shoe that led me to do the original Top Cop Flops post, and a commenter, crackblind, who said Gilbert Gottfried mentioned Tenspeed on his podcast and did an ep. on cop shows. That was an amazing mini-ep. and I went back and took notes. They did every show I knew in the first ten minutes. I…

John Byner in The Odd Couple John Byner in The Odd Couple

John Byner was one of the old Amazing Colossal Podcasts I listened to earlier today. They mentioned this clip in particular.

The Chicago Teddy Bears The Chicago Teddy Bears

CBS 1971. Art Metrano is on the old Amazing Colossal podcast now. Gilbert mentioned this in the intro. Jamie Farr, Marvin Kaplan, Dean Jones, Mike Mazurki. 13 episodes.

United States United States

Saw this in the Beau Bridges Random Roles interview b/c he is in Village of the Giants. NBC 1980. Helen Shaver. 13 episodes, with six unaired.

Night Flight Night Flight

Welcome to Night Flight. Your weekend open thread. Gold Monkey.

Svengoolie: Village of the Giants (1965) Svengoolie: Village of the Giants (1965)

The Svengoolie movie this week will be Village of the Giants. Bert I. Gordon.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973) The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973)

This was a Gilbert pick on an old Amazing Colossal mini-episode I found on Youtube. Directed by Peter Yates. I have the Criterion DVD. Great book. I have a true first edition. And a not quite first. They just mentioned The Hot Rock too. By Yates. The other crime movie pick on the podcast is Harper with Paul Newman.

Walter Hill Posters Walter Hill Posters

Prime Walter Hill.

Blue Light, The Name of the Game, and T.H.E. Cat Blue Light, The Name of the Game, and T.H.E. Cat

60s TV. Found both of these at one of my Youtube bookmarks. Blue Light is spies. Larry Cohen co-creator. The Name of the Game an early wheel series. Three rotating stories. Spielberg did a science fiction episode written by Philip Wylie.

Walter Hill: Director Walter Hill: Director

Born 1/10/42. Also William Sanderson. Pat Benatar.

Montage Montage

A la Eisenstein.

Who's There? Who's There?

Goons. Hired goons. What’s the difference between a henchman and a goon?

O Canada O Canada

Famous Canadians edition.

Fig Newtons Fig Newtons

Fig Newtons. A Magnum favorite.

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