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Relationship open thread

I need some relationship advice so I’m going to start a post for everyone to share about their relationships - the good, the bad, the ugly. Romantic, non-romantic whatever. I’ll start.

In other news

Ok who tf is criticizing Simone Biles's body?

That woman DEFIES GRAVITY. Literally her body is amazing and can do things nobody else can do. Ugh. (Has this been posted already? It’s a little old, but I just heard about it and needed to vent because seriously what the fuck people)

Help! Winter boot suggestions?

I need some warm, snow-capable shoes for my trip to Europe next week. I spent the most I have ever spent on any item of clothing or footwear (plus 2-day shipping to get it here fast!) on the Uggs Simmens because I used to have a pair of the classic Uggs (secondhand, seriously I have never spent this much on shoes…

If you're also wanting to DO SOMETHING

My friend started a twitter/FB page for people who want to know what they can do to deal with all of their anger and frustration productively. It’called We Go High. If you’d like to follow it:

I can't sleep, so I'm studying up for the revolution

Final Five cereal box

Any of you resourceful GT’ers have any idea of where I might be able to find the special edition cereal box with the Final Five on it? It was available free online from Kellogg’s for a while but it doesn’t appear to be available anymore and I can’t find it in stores. I really wanted to get one because I have one with…

Language resources beyond duolingo

Anyone have suggestions for language resources for languages you already somewhat speak but could definitely brush up on and improve your vocabulary? There are two languages where my level is probably best described as intermediate - one is my first language, which I have since lost most of, so speaking and listening…

Ugh, this is why millennials don't watch TV

I have been thwarted in all my efforts to watch the women’s gymnastics Olympic trials. I have one of those tv antennas, but apparently it doesn’t pick up NBC. So I tried the nbc website, where it’s supposed to be streaming live. It let me watch for 45 minutes before asking me for a login (wtf? Why did it let me watch…

How to take advantage of Brexit

Buy an actual bra-sized bikini IN MY SIZE from this magical place called the UK where they apparently size bikinis like bras WHICH MAKES PERFECT SENSE. And because of the pound plunging, it’s actually somewhat affordable right now!

Lol, this dumb dumb

I just can’t stop laughing at how he’s like, it OBVIOUSLY can’t be my baby, she’s 13 weeks along and everyone’s like, um actually...

Stanford rapist's father's letter

Have you guys seen this? I’ve only seen it from one news source, so I’m not 100% certain it’s real. But if it is, Jesus, no wonder this asshole rapist can’t take any responsibility.

Implant question 

Has any one here gotten the implant? I got it yesterday (kind of surprisingly - I’ve known for a while I wanted to get it so I went in for a consult and they were like, we can do it right now if you want so it was like, okay I guess we’re doing this). The doctor made it seem like the recovery was going to be pretty…

Escape room afikomen was a success! Escape room afikomen was a success!

Thanks to all who helped! We were even able to make it pretty Pesach-themed (you had to add up numbers like “orders of the Mishnah” to get one of the numbers for the combination - and I made them sing a song from the Hamilton Haggadah to get one of the clues).

Question: how hard do you think it would be to make a mini escape room?

The Constable and I are having 20 people over for a Seder this weekend in our not very big one bedroom apartment. He’s not thrilled about a bunch of our drunk guests running around the apartment complex looking for the afikomen (and I think we’re both worried about people falling into the pool) and I’m pretty sure the…

Who else spent all of today watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

I at least made myself do semi-productive things, like folding laundry, for most of the episodes, so I don't feel too guilty about not leaving the apartment all day. Anyways, it was sooooo good!!!!!! I don't want to spoil anything because I never know how much of this will show up on the front page, so I'll just say…

My life is complete My life is complete

This is definitely the best time to have ever thought something was cool before it totally blew up. I would never be able to afford Hamilton tickets now, but I could afford Hamilton tickets for a show six months in advance, before the soundtrack came out. Six months of anticipation and it totally lived up to the hype.…

Mental component of division of labor

Does anybody remember an article (I think it was on Jezebel) about gender and the division of labor in terms of the thought that goes into division of labor? I thought I remember seeing something about how men not only tend to do less chores, but that the process of dividing chores and making sure they get done…

My continuation of today's caucus

Because somebody else said it better than I could.

Hi Twin Cities!

Having a real job has made me super lame, because a) I can’t just take off for 3-day weekends/spring break/two weeks in the summer to hang out in MN and b) I finally did make it here for a random weekend and basically had to work all weekend :(

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