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Looking for laptop advice

My son wants his own laptop for Christmas. Partly for schoolwork, but mostly for games. He’s not a hardcore gamer, so I don’t need a full-blown gaming machine...not that we can afford one anyway. And he wants a laptop to be able to take it to friends’ houses, so a desktop is out of the question. He plays Minecraft…

"Treasure" hunting "Treasure" hunting

My boy & I got metal detectors for Christmas last year and finally had a chance to go on our first official outing this past weekend. We know someone who owns property near our house where a long section of the old railroad once came through our small town. It was completed 7 years before the start of the Civil War…

Tim Cook on data privacy

Want to know where Tim Cook stands on data privacy? I’d say he made it quite clear in a recent interview with the Electronic Privacy Information Center. According to this Mashable article, Cook took a supposed jab at Google & Facebook (without actually mentioning their names).

Honor Memorial Day Honor Memorial Day

Freedom Isn’t Free. It’s more than just a catchphrase on T-shirts & bumper stickers. It has meaning. There’s a price for Freedom and some go on to pay the ultimate price to earn it and to keep it. These Freedom Fighters gave their lives in service to our country. Today we honor them, remember them, and thank them.…

Prevented from signing into kinja on Firefox

Reaching out to the kinja gods for some help or possible causes of a problem. I'm running the most recent version of Firefox on Windows 7 and a separate Windows 8 laptop. Once, maybe twice, in the past, I've come across a problem where I'm suddenly logged out of kinja (I'm mainly on Gizmodo & Whitenoise) without…

Route 66 turkey tracks Route 66 turkey tracks

I thought this was somewhat fitting in honor of Thanksgiving.

Suck on that, Buick technician guys

This isn't much, but I was proud of myself so I thought I'd share.

T-Mobile CEO has something to say about "bendgate" T-Mobile CEO has something to say about "bendgate"

This is great. John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, has a few things to say about the iPhone 6 and "bendgate."

Cell phones & watches: Then & Now

I get a kick out of the path these two pieces of mobile tech have taken. For years, cell phone manufacturers worked hard to shrink their devices down from cumbersome bricks to become tiny & thin. Then the trend reversed and suddenly bigger was better again.

ALIENATION, portraits by Anelia Loubser ALIENATION, portraits by Anelia Loubser

I came across this and had to share. It took me a couple of them before I figured out what was going on. Amazing set of photos.

Image uploads are back!! Oh, and gifs too. Image uploads are back!! Oh, and gifs too.

In the words of the late, great Cardinals announcer, Jack Buck ... GO CRAZY, FOLKS! GO CRAZY!

yluJ fo ht4 yppaH yluJ fo ht4 yppaH

After celebrating Independence Day, it's important to put your fireworks away till next year.

RunPee for free

A while back I posted about an app called RunPee.

Gotta pee?

You're at the movie theater watching a good flick. Crap! Shouldn't have drank that entire extra large soda so soon. You gotta go and you gotta go bad, but you don't want to miss a good part in the movie. Now there's RunPee. RunPee (for iOS, Android & Windows Phone) claims to list the best times in movies for you to go…

Happy St. Patrick's Day Happy St. Patrick's Day

Greetings whitenoisers, fellow descendants of ye ole Irishmen, and anyone else who cares to indulge in today's holiday. Whether it may be a cool pint, some corn beef & cabbage, or just wearing green today so you don't get pinched (although some of you might be into that kind of thing).

SPLOID watermark

I know some of you have said you don't read Sploid much, but I wanted to get your opinions. Sploid authors (usually Jesus & Casey, but others too) frequently render animated gif images from the videos they feature in their articles. They then insert the Sploid watermark on these gifs. Scroll down the front page of…

"Mario Kart" Speed Skating "Mario Kart" Speed Skating

I'm sure many of you saw the AT-AT attack mogul freestyle skiing video. Yesterday I came across one for speed skating. Good stuff, and the commentators are good for a laugh too. I'd probably actually watch the Olympics if they were more like these videos.

Digging out Digging out

Well hello Whitenoisers. Been a little while since I've visited. This isn't going to be the most interesting read, but I felt like jotting down what I've been up to.

Google Easter egg....or Christmas egg Google Easter egg....or Christmas egg

Do a Google search for "Christmas" (or something with the word Christmas in it) to get a visit from a special someone at the top of the page. I tried a few things with "Christmas" that worked, but just in case you're wondering, "Christmas boogers" does not.

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