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So Long And Thanks For the Memories

I've owned my Road Runner since 2001, but all good things must come to an end. I'm shipping it to New York to be sold.

Superman: Lazy Bum

Having just read the list of Superman’s extensive, and let’s be clear here, astounding powers, I have a question for him. What are you doing with your time? Here is a short list of things he could be doing to improve humanity.

Russian Street Fight Russian Street Fight

Now with bonus Sponge Bob.

Hulk Short

This would be an animated short to appear before another Marvel property or as 1/3 of an episodic live-action Marvel movie.

1 in 200

Meanwhile in Chicago...

Carried Concealed in California

The local sheriffs department just called. My CA CC permit is done and I can pick it up at my convenience. This is noteworthy as CA is a notoriously difficult place to carry concealed. In many locales (LA, SF, SD) it is basically impossible to get law enforcement to even take your application, let alone issue a…

Dear Future Sovereign,

You're too young to realize it now, but one of your great-grandmother's Prime Ministers was Winston Churchill. He was born during the reign of your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. And if Queen Elizabeth's longevity is any sort of sign, you'll be alive in the year 2200. You'll see a…