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Independence Day 2 Might as Well Be a Reboot Independence Day 2 Might as Well Be a Reboot

So there’s a sequel coming to the 1996 classic, Independence Day. It’s got its own website. It’s directed by Roland Emmerich, who did the first one. It’s got Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, and thankfully—no Adam Baldwin.

Donald, the Republican Mainstream Donald, the Republican Mainstream

For eight months now, Donald Trump has been running for president. What at first seemed like an elaborate publicity stunt has evolved into a political movement which taps the classism, xenophobia, and power worship amongst the American electorate, specifically the Republican electorate. He has bankrolled his own…

So you have to be an idiot to hate Doctor Pulaski. I mean, you have your own taste and feel free to hate any character you want, but if you’re in the Official Doctor Pulaski Hate Crowd, you are an idiot who doesn’t understand Star Trek or basic story structure.