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The hunt is over! The hunt is over!

Some of you might remember my earlier posts about relocating to the Detroit metro area, and subsequent difficulty in finding somewhere to live. Thankfully, I finally managed to find a place in Auburn Hills, close to work, with a 2-car garage. Thank god it’s finally over.

I had forgotten how annoying rental-hunting is... I had forgotten how annoying rental-hunting is...

As some of you may remember, I posted a few weeks back seeking advice on various residential areas in the Detroit area, due to a job possibility. Well, I got the job, and have spent the last 2 weeks or so trying to find a place to live.

Detroit-area oppos, I need some advice

I found out that I’m one of two “finalists” for a position at FCA’s Tech Center in Auburn Hills, so I’ve started looking into accommodations. I’ve been told that Ferndale and Royal Oak are nice areas for “young professionals”, while Rochester Hills and the like are more for families. I’d like to keep my commute under…

GT350 cold starts are no joke GT350 cold starts are no joke

Decided on a whim to record a cold start the other day. This is the first car I’ve owned that doesn’t immediately make me want an aftermarket exhaust...

Whelp, I bought a thing... Whelp, I bought a thing...

A while back I made a post about getting bait-and-switched on a GT350 allocation at a semi-local dealer... Well, as it turns out, a good friend’s father-in-law owns a Ford dealership, and they got a 2017 allocation.

The 'ole Dealer Bait-and-Switch The 'ole Dealer Bait-and-Switch

So, after a few years of waffling on what car to buy, I finally decided that I’d quite like to own a 2017 Shelby GT350. Unfortunately, it would seem that the majority of Ford dealers seem content to tack ridiculous markups on these vehicles, even while 2016s sit on lots unsold.

Mustang GT350 Pricing Leaked (Unconfirmed) Mustang GT350 Pricing Leaked (Unconfirmed)

According to Mustang6G, a customer with a deposit on a GT350 received this from his dealer today:

People Suck People Suck

Walked out of the office, ready to start the weekend, only to see this:

Washing my car this evening...

...reminded me why I've paid someone to do it for me the past couple of times. For such a small car, the Elise takes a surprisingly long time to wash, and all the kneeling and bending over really kicks your ass (maybe I should buy some knee pads). On a positive note, the TE37s are a lot quicker and easier to clean…

My Car Friday My Car Friday

I've been traveling for work a lot lately, so I haven't been able to drive it in a while (Toyota encourages us to use company-owned pool vehicles to keep costs down, so I've been stuck driving Camrys), but I'm hoping to get it out for some fun this weekend.

Opponauts, your thoughts? Opponauts, your thoughts?

I have an Elise in Lotus Racing Green with a red leather interior; as sort of a retro throwback, I've been thinking about replacing the steering wheel and shift knob with a wooden Nardi Classic and the laminated knob from the newer Europa, but I'm not sure if it'll clash too much with the more modern interior and all…