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The Professional Driver: Orientation Week The Professional Driver: Orientation Week

I'm tooling north up Lake Shore Drive, trying to peer ahead into the darkness for any white and blue lumps of Chicago's finest. It's 01:44 in the morning, and at this time the four lanes are mostly deserted, and 100% inviting. I'm trying to stay measured and focused; it's posted 45, though one can usually cruise…

JICFM Pt. 02 - Let's Make a Clock! JICFM Pt. 02 - Let's Make a Clock!

Welcome to another edition of "Junk I Cadged From Mercedes". Today we're going to look at an actual auto part that's been hanging around my garage for nearly twenty-two years.

JICFM Pt. 01 - 'The American Mercedes' Knife JICFM Pt. 01 - 'The American Mercedes' Knife

I worked for Mercedes Benz of North America for nearly 11 years, from late 1984 until Sept of 1995. It was a warehouse job, slinging parts, and I was fired in '95 for being a malcontent. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, for it started me down the road to becoming an IT client-facing superstar in the…

Se-bring the Redemption! Se-bring the Redemption!

I've been trying to clean up/make space in my garage for a while now, and had been sitting on a set of rims from a car I traded away years ago. In need of a quick infusion of cash, I thought about running them over to a recycler who pays pretty well for aluminum...

Awesome Alienware Laptop DealZZZZ!!1 Awesome Alienware Laptop DealZZZZ!!1

If you're in the market for a new Alienware laptop, and you're looking to literally save a buck, Walmart has the deal of a lifetime... that's an incredible saving of .083333%!! GO GO GO!!!!!!

Jackie Stewart Fans, Head's Up... Jackie Stewart Fans, Head's Up...

Personally I missed it when Travis pimped the re-release of "Weekend With a Champion " last year, so I knew nothing about it when I was browsing Netflix last night. I stumbled upon it quite by accident, and if you're a fan of F1 at all it is a must-see, and it's on Netflix right now.

Crow's Feet, Short Ram, and Plastic Primer Crow's Feet, Short Ram, and Plastic Primer

It was a busy, up-and-down weekend in VK's Garage; there was bad news, and good news and fun stuff all around! Got a lot done, and I'm still scraping grease and gunk out from under muh nails...

My First 'Supercar Saturdays' My First 'Supercar Saturdays'

Since the wife had to work today, I decided to check out and see what was up today. Saw there was a "Supercar Saturdays" meet going on, and decided to make the hour-long trek. It was a beautiful morning for a cruise...

'Performance' Floor Mats - A Review 'Performance' Floor Mats - A Review

(Note- I accidentally/inadvertently "published" this in a very incomplete state yesterday, so this may look like a re-post; I did delete the other mess,,, SORRY!)

Goin' Faster Miles an Hour Goin' Faster Miles an Hour

Everyone's mileage will vary, but for my lead-footed, pulse-pounding driving pleasure, this is the ultimate cut. Not only does it have a relentless driving beat, it also speaks quite clearly to the raw joy of cruising fir cruising's sake.

Impromptu Mod/Fab of the Weekend Impromptu Mod/Fab of the Weekend

As I'm trying to nurture my hobby of powder coating car parts (among other things) into a fully-grown big boy business, I'm ever-striving to keep up with the 'Technological Jones's'. My garage has always been online, but it was via a wheezy 13-year old Winbook that was just as likely to randomly reboot as wink it's…

Chitown Opponauts; Get Your Powder On Chitown Opponauts; Get Your Powder On

This Saturday (July 5), at the new Eastwood retail store in Alsip Il, I'll be conducting powder coating classes. It's a new thing for all of us, and the format is "pay 40$ and you bring a part to powder coat (all other materials provided)". There are sessions at 10 and 2.

IRL Half Life Crafting IRL Half Life Crafting

I'm teaching a powder coating class this weekend, and was trying to find a variety of pieces to work on, to demonstrate various techniques. There was a rusty old crowbar sitting outside my backdoor, so naturally I did this...

Unicorn or Bigfoot? Unicorn or Bigfoot?

I'll start by saying, I love an open automobile. I've owned not one, but two Sebring convertibles, a vehicle that's held in open contempt by auto "enthusiasts" (for a lot of good reasons), and enjoyed them for their core "touring" competencies.

'EUREKA!' Moment! 'EUREKA!' Moment!

Yesterday I got this contraption into this functional mock-up... I've been working on this custom device- off and on, mostly off- for just over a year, in order to complete a particular car mod. Can you guess what this will be used for?

Here's a Tip... Here's a Tip...

I was in my local Pep Boys a while back to pick up some necessaries, and as I'm wont to do, I took a squizz around the "Performance" section to see what radical new DIY-HP technology the "Spectre" brand was layin' down. As I was perusing the many replacement exhaust tips, I spotted a unique item- a matte black one…

Hanging With Mr. Cooper's Hawk Hanging With Mr. Cooper's Hawk

Here we see a Cooper's Hawk, outside my second story window, perusing our feeders like some avian menu board. Squirrel isn't its normal fare, but squirrel be wary still.

What I'd like to hear from PAX East? Discussion of plans for PAX Midwest, finally.