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Cat Advice Needed

On Dec. 26, I adopted a new cat. At the shelter, I was able to hold him and pet him and he seemed distracted but — fine. I was told that he had come from an animal hoarding situation so he wasn’t at all bothered by other animals, and that he had been in the shelter for a long time and that they left his cage open and…

Oven Issues

My oven always took longer to bake things than recipes said, so I bought an oven thermometer to check it, and sure enough it underheats by a lot. So I pulled out the instructions to calibrate it, and the instructions say that store-bought oven thermometers aren’t reliable! So basically my oven says the thermometer is…

General Freakouts and OT; Cats Are Assholes Edition

OMG you guys! I was just reading a book on my PC in my bed, and I was changing position when all of a sudden a blue spark flew out of the wire and made smoke and singed my quilt. I am FREAKING OUT, if that had happened while I was asleep I could be dead (yes, I do tend to sleep with the laptop in the bed). When I…


I JUST got home after picking up my NEW DOG! She is a rescue dog who came up from the south on a transport with dozens of others — several rescues club together to bring dogs up from the south and it stops in a lot of different places — just like the Orphan Train (one of my favorite songs - here’s version by DBFS:

Smart People of GT: Query

OK I am watching Rep. Lewis and he just said that when people see something isn’t right, they have to do/say something. This country must have a process or protocol to follow when there is good reason to distrust the results of an election, and I want to start putting pressure on whoever to take it up. So what would…

Help an old lady watch tv

Is a Roku the same kind of thing as an Amazon Fire stick, and are they easy to use? Do you need an ongoing subscription for a Roku and do you have to keep cable service or is just internet ok?

Sunblock for hair

Hey all, I just threw in the towel on my trying-to-go-gray project, and last night I dyed my hair a purple-burgundy-red color. I used the same product I’ve been using for years, this is just a different shade. When my hair is colored I am pretty religious about wearing a hat, but I wonder whether sunblock for hair…

Dog dilemma

I have been trying for a while to adopt a dog. Let me just say I have been so disappointed with the majority of rescue associations in my area that ask one to fill out a very detailed application but then SIMPLY DON’T RESPOND after repeated attempts at contact. Monitoring these for a couple of months now I can see…

I just emailed Paul Ryan o.O

I just emailed Paul Ryan to ask him to resist the Bannon thing. I dunno, I feel crazy but we are living in crazy-town these days. Reaching out to liberal reps is all well and good, but they no longer have the numbers to do stuff. As Speaker and as someone who isn’t a Trump-lover, maybe Ryan can keep things…

Bugs are Liars

A huge waterbug is lying upside down on my patio floor, I can see it from inside my house through a glass door - it’s between me and the outside and I need to go out and do gardening (I can get to the outside through another door but my gardening tools are right next to this bug). It was lying dead there last night…


OK weird question for beekeepers or bee lovers of GT: I have no interest in getting honey but I would like to support bee populations in my little area. Can I get a beehive but not take the honey out?

What Should I Wear to my father's 'Reposing'

As foolish as it may seem with all the thousand decisions I’ve had to make over the last few days, I’m stuck on figuring out what to wear tomorrow to my father’s Reposing (It is like a wake but we are having a closed casket so they call it a Reposing for whatever reason). No one’s religious, though we are having a…

Cats are SUCH ASSHOLES installment 4692840237402

The A/C in my bedroom died in a scary fashion - it smelled like it was on fire - so I whipped out my aerobed and settled down to sleep in my living room and my cat came over and PEED ON THE AEROBED because it’s not usually there. OH LOOK SOMETHING NEW pee pee pee. WHO DOES THAT

Help Me Landlord

My Alzheimer’s Dad owns a rental house (across the yard from where he lives and I am going to live in a while). The previous tenant was there for 14 years so I had no part in renting it. The house has been vacant and under renovation for more than a year, but that is finally coming to an end and soon I need to start…

True Cliche/s True Cliche/s

Today is literally the first day of the rest of my life, because I RETIRED and yesterday was my last day in the classroom EVAH!

GoT fever! GoT fever!

Every time I look at the clock it’s only like 10 minutes later. GAME OF THRONES!!!!

I'm so glad that was a dream!

I just realized that I had a horrible anxiety dream last night which involved 1) an infestation of cockroaches including some huge ones; 2) a HUGE spider with weird stripes on its legs, srsly like a movie spider; 3) leaving my cats somewhere for a week without food or water; 4) trying to wrangle my incontinent…


I just got a memento from Tubbs! It’s fish jerky. It’s so cute that he gives food!

Diane, please ditch this necklace Diane, please ditch this necklace

Diane Lockhart has some pretty great necklaces - but she also has this monstrosity, which she has been wearing off and on since at least season 3 — and last night she wore it AGAIN.

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