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8-Bit Video Game Versions of Our Favorite Movies and TV Series

One of the particularly fun trends we’ve seen popping up around the internet is the 8-bit makeover, where an artist takes a popular TV or movie and reimagines it as a retro video game. The only problem is that now we’re sad these aren’t real games.

Joe Mangrum's Temporary Sand Paintings Are Pure, Beautiful Magic

Artist Joe Mangrum has creating temporary artworks with sacks of colored sand since 2006. He’s made short-lived masterpieces all over the world, on streets and inside contemporary museums and galleries. He has completed nearly 1000 paintings, and here are some of his best.

The Weirdest Videos Of Planes Yanking People Into The Sky

During WWII, American and British military developed a system to retrieve people following airborne operations, without landing. Then after the war, the Americans experimented with other ways to pull people aboard a plane in mid air. Check out some bizarre videos of people being plucked into the sky.

These Lights In The Sky Are So Strange, They Look Like Alien Signals

Don’t worry, there is nothing unnatural about that strange arcs of light you’ll sometimes see in the sky. Ice halos are a very natural atmospheric phenomenon, created when ice crystals suspended in the sky reflect and refract sunlight. But they truly are an impressive sight.

These Videos Will Completely Change The Way You See Iconic Landmarks

There’s a hidden side to many of the world’s great landmarks that you might not know about if you’ve only seen them in photographs — including surrounding roads, cities, and fast food joints. These videos show you a side to these monuments you don’t usually see, showing how these places coexist with the modern world.

When Words Come To Life: Some Beautiful Examples Of Kinetic Typography

The best opening titles and other screen titles are beautiful works of art — but sometimes, text can be more than just an ornament. Sometimes, text can spring into action, conveying concepts and delighting the eye with its brilliant action. Welcome to the universe of kinetic typography.

These Modern University Campuses Are Architectural Wonders

Ivy-covered bricks buildings may be the first image that springs to mind when many people think of college, but some of the most striking university campuses break free from that stereotype, instead giving us buildings that celebrate modern architecture.

Witness The Unbelievable Power Of Volcanic Eruptions Up Close

Most of us will never get to see a volcanic eruption in person, but thanks to these videos, we can not only see recent eruptions, we can journey into the mouths of volcanos without leaving the safety of our homes. You can almost feel the heat on your face.

The Weirdest (And Most Violent) Ways That Plants Release Their Seeds

We all know the animal kingdom is incredibly violent — but what about plants? The world of plant life can be just as intense and violent, in its own way. Just check out these eye-popping videos, vines and other illustrations of plants spreading their seeds in an explosive, insane fashion.

Watch Photorealistic Drawings Of Iconic Landmarks Come To Life

Those of us without artistic training or practice may look at a particularly realistic drawing and wonder how on Earth someone made that with just pencil and paper. In these timelapse videos, artists show us how they draw famous landmarks from the first marks to the final lines.

These Are Some Of The Longest Movies Ever Made

Was The Dark Knight Rises a little too long for you? Do you find yourself consulting that peebreak app before going to see one of these three-hour Hollywood blockbusters. Pffft. That’s nothing. Here are some of the actual longest movies ever made, with videos you can watch right now.

Inflatable Tanks, Paradummies And More Incredible Fake Objects From WWII

Deception was imperative during WWII, and sometimes to the trickery got very surreal. In order to distract the enemy, militaries would create fake vehicles, weaponry, soldiers, and even entire towns. And they were pretty convincing — if you didn’t look too close.

"Meat Glue" And Other Icky Stuff In The Imitation Food Items You Eat

You already knew that the crab in your lunch roll wasn’t really crab — but you probably didn’t know about all the other kinds of imitation foods you eat all the time. From faux wasabi to milk and olive oil that’s partly made up of additives, these are the weird ingredients in the fake foods you eat.

These Modern Libraries Look Like Alien Spaceships On The Inside

We like to think of books as metaphorical spaceships, able to transport us into the head of an interesting person or across the galaxy. But these gorgeous libraries, with their elegant, modern interior designs, look almost ready to truly blast into space.

These North Korean Propaganda Videos Are Downright Fascinating

Naturally, we can’t trust propaganda videos to give us a sense of life inside another country — especially when that country is North Korea. But what these videos do show us is what the North Korean government wants to communicate to its citizens — about everything from its military prowess to shopping.

The Weirdest Fish On Earth Include Some Definite Nightmare Fuel

The oceans are full of life, including some creatures that are stranger than anything you could possibly imagine. And some of the most bizarre fish look like they belong on an alien planet... or, in some cases, in your nightmares. Here are the most demented, strangest, and most insane fish under the sea.

These Videos Let You Tour The World's Creepiest Abandoned Islands

A single abandoned building can be a gloomy thing, an apocalyptic scene in miniature. But what about when an entire island is built up, inhabited by humans, and then left to rot? As these videos show, they look like footage from the end of the world.

These Amazing Videos Show What Happens When You Befriend A Wild Animal

Most of us have had a beloved pet at some point, or lived among domesticated creatures. But there’s nothing more amazing and heart-warming than a lifelong friendship between a human and a wild creature. See for yourself!

An Ecological Horror Show: Footage Of The World's Largest Oil Spills

Oil spills have devastating consequences, both economically and environmentally, and videos of those disasters in action highlight both how much fuel is lost during spills and how much they impact the local environment.

The Most Venomous Species On Earth

Everybody freaks out over the idea of getting bitten by a scorpion or spider — but those are nothing. Our planet contains creatures with much more deadly toxins to defend themselves with. Here are some revealing videos of the most venomous creatures on Earth.

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