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Anyone else having trouble commenting from desktop?

I tired to post a comment on one of the sub blogs earlier and it NEVER went through. Tried a couple other comments in different places, same thing, but it’s fine from mobile?

Paging Krabby!

Regarding your earlier thread about cat and dog treats:

I made a thing: Should I fuck with that wild animal? I made a thing: Should I fuck with that wild animal?

After a conversation with a friend the other day about not fucking with wildlife, I decided to make this. It’s only slightly tongue-in-cheek.

Is this as weird as it seems? Taliban hostage family

So, when I first heard about this case I didn’t want to pass judgement. I know some people take extreme risks in the pursuit of journalism or relief work or whatever. But this whole thing is really starting to sound like Josh Boyle is a narcissist with a messiah complex who is perfectly willing to sacrifice the safety…

Important! Pets affected by Harvey!

HLP inc./Chameleon, the maker of the best and most widely used shelter management software in the country, has tweaked their regular lost pet search website,, to make it easier for Harvey pets to be located even if they’re scattered far and wide at different shelters and humane societies. It’s not 100%…

Here's a handy Air Quality Map

You can even set it to loop through the air quality of the past calendar day, which I did and it confirmed for me that the air quality did indeed get better from the time I noticed the orange moon at work and the time I got home at midnight.

So you want to help the puppies and kittens in Houston

I’m gonna make a short list here. Please don’t just randomly ship packages of supplies to Texas. It is better for the organizations to receive monetary donations they can use to buy what they need than to have a can of dog food arrive one day, a pack of blankets the next, and some pet Halloween costumes the day after…

Convert Your Relatives Reading List

TBH, I’m looking for recommendations. Help from The Salad Bowl and maybe Oppo would be appreciated.


...the leader of “No Kill Nation” was outed as a nazi after marching in Charlottesville this past weekend.

Roommate/Tenant agreements stuff?

So here’s a situation I’m hoping GT or the rest of the kinjaverse can help with:

Don't try to come for the shelter workers

...because we will destroy you like so many innocent little puppies:

Holy crap, y'all

This is the nicest crazy cat lady house I’ve ever seen. Usually they’re filthy and grimy with poop and pee everywhere, but this one seems like they had a reasonable number of well cared for and extremely, obsessively loved cats:

Reductress Round Up

I clicked the first link, and then couldn’t decide which of the next two to read first:

William Shatner is an MRA William Shatner is an MRA

I tried to be forgiving after the Autism Speaks thing, but I’m done now. I’m completely done.

American Gods (there may be spoilers)

It’s a dark and stormy night, perfect for watching the first episode on Amazon (free one week trial of Starz, which I will cancel once the miniseries is over).

The Handmaid's Tale

I just watched the first episode on Hulu. I don’t think I have any spoilers, but...

Canine update Canine update

So, we got home from the vet a bit ago. She ate some glass. Fortunately she had her breakfast about an hour before she did so, so her food was there to encase most of it we hope. X rays were taken ($147).

People just keep getting dumber

1) never buy a puppy. 2) never buy a puppy from a store. 3) if you need “financing”, you do not need a dog. 4) dogs are not cars.

How many faux pas did Trump commit in one meeting?

From what we saw, quite a few. I wonder about the parts we didn’t see.

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