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Budgets Budgets

I made a budget for something I want to do and it would cost me $200,000. Anyone out there want to make a donation? I can promise you a big hug in return.

Project Idea Project Idea

So my ‘69 Sprite came with a 1275cc inline 4 cylinder good for 65 hp and 72 lb-ft. Not very sporting, but fun enough for the time. That gave it a top speed of 95 mph and a 0-60 in 11.9 seconds.

Hon Hon Acquired! Hon Hon Acquired!

Where can you get some Hon? HERE

Friday 13th Gif Dump Friday 13th Gif Dump

God damn i love animated cars

Gunlopnik  Gunlopnik 

*buffer image*

Clearly this post is on Oppo Clearly this post is on Oppo

Even if the mods say otherwise

Burn Baby Burn Burn Baby Burn

2017 Cal Fire Map

Long Weekend Long Weekend

Drove my first load of moving stuff down to Long Beach Saturday night

Calling LA Oppos!!! Canceled Calling LA Oppos!!! Canceled

I will be in Long Beach this weekend and was thinking it would be fun to hit some canyons Sunday morning or something with a few other Oppos. Anyone else want to join me and do something fun?

Beguiling  Beguiling 

*work/personal question buffer*

Discussing Firearms Discussing Firearms

*personal rant buffer*

Skrewed the Pooch Skrewed the Pooch

*personal work rant*

When You had Style When You had Style

More style than a 1996 SL60 AMG

Luggage Racks Luggage Racks

On vintage British cars look just right. Especially with the proper hard sided luggage.

Convertible or Coupe Convertible or Coupe

I think if I were to buy an F-Type I would want the convertible. Though the coupe is very very pretty as well. Now I want to know which you would pick and why. You can have all the options and long as it is a manual V6S trim. Since the V8 doesn’t get the manual it isn’t an option. So if you were to get the V6S with a…

The FB Oppo The FB Oppo

Has turned into crap today. All they post is Twingo crap and I am really sick of it. Who cares about some shitty little French hatchback? It isn’t like it is the Dacia Sandero.

Build & Price Build & Price

Now how to win the lottery with one ticket purchase....

Hard to Find Hard to Find

I really like the 2014-15 F-Type Jaguar and personally the V6S rwd with a manual is the best version of the car. Oh and in convertible. But I can’t find any for sale. I find 16 and up for sale, but the early ones with the specs I want I can’t find for sale anywhere. I assume by now many people would be off loading…

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