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Dear God Dear God

The new Aston Martin Vantage V600 is so fucking amazing! Great other expensive car I need to buy. I will own a V600 LeMans and I guess I need this one to park next to it.

Whelp Whelp

The bike is for sale best cl description I could think of

I Found $20 I Found $20

I was just scrolling through Oppo and found $20 US dollars just sitting wound, so Yay!! So much luckier than Takuro Spirit and his free $10

Motorcycles *UPDATED* Motorcycles *UPDATED*

Anyone want to buy a 2002 Aprilia SL1000 Falco that I can’t seem to diagnose it not running still after replacing the fuel pump?

Italians Italians

Build beautiful things

Turo Has Failed Me Turo Has Failed Me

There is this for rent

Italian Stallion Italian Stallion

My Aprilia (yet to be named) had some surgery this weekend after crashing it.

Subaru WRX STI Type RA Subaru WRX STI Type RA

$50,000 US dollars for.... Meh upgrades.

Saw Another Aprilia Falco and Dots Saw Another Aprilia Falco and Dots

It was SUPER cool seeing another one. I left a note with my cell# and he contacted me and we chatted a bit. He is 1 or 4 other Falco riders he knows of in CA. Well I guess 5 now. Nice to see where I am missing parts and such.

Italian Pain Italian Pain

What a pretty bike and scene and one of my favorite roads in my car, but on the bike you notice how awful the road surface is. It really is not kept up well and there are lots of grooves. So I took it once following the SO in his car and that was ok, but I am not quite that comfortable leaning over far yet. So I took…

Sick 'em Toby! Sick 'em Toby!

At the request of Thomas Donohue

Italian Sun Italian Sun

Being chased by ImmoralMinority on Stelvio Pass

Need for my Bike Need for my Bike

As some of you saw I bought an Italian liter bike

Why Italians are Finicky  Why Italians are Finicky 

Well Oppo my $1600 Aprilia is deserving it’s Italian stereotype.

Banana Time Banana Time

I love these videos

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