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I Have to Say I Have to Say

Doug vs Doug

Margaret Dunning Margaret Dunning

Margaret Isabel Dunning (June 26, 1910 – May 17, 2015) was an American businesswoman and philanthropist and benefactor of the Plymouth (Michigan) Historical Museum.

Cleatus Levels Cleatus Levels

of Crazy. For just $5k...

Watchlopnick Watchlopnick

I have decided I wanted to start getting some fancier watches than my tried and true Moto 360 and the yacht club watch my great grandfather gave me. So I started with eBay looking at used watched because new ones I want ar more than cars... sometimes, but I settled on a couple decent Seiko Flightmasters to bid on, but…

Dumber Than a Sack of Bricks? Dumber Than a Sack of Bricks?

Phone call just now from a shop that we deal with a lot, but has been having issues with new office girls:

Cake in a Pie Suit Cake in a Pie Suit

So for Thanksgiving I went over to my boss’s house and being the baker I am, I made cheese cake.

Stupid Business Plans Stupid Business Plans

I am ticked to be at work today. It is Black Friday/ the Friday after a holiday and I work at a dealership. This means there will be very very few customers, no wholsale because all the shops in town are closed, few deliveries because trucking companies aren’t running, and there will be no over the counter sales…

What is OPPO drinking? What is OPPO drinking?

This is some of the smoothest stuff I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking

Oh God I am Having a Crisis Oh God I am Having a Crisis

Thanks to ImmoralMinority posting this on my FB page I am not trying to sell a kidney. It isn’t my perfect TVR Tuscan MK1 S, but this amazing example of British engineering for sale is a 1974 TVR 2500M.

Lambo Bro Lambo Bro

Oh god the internet has broken into real life

Perfection from Britan Perfection from Britan

This car is just gorgeous! I never really cared for the look of the DB11. It is a great GT car, but it just looks like something you drive swiftly across a country.

Welcome to Winter Welcome to Winter

This sucks

Knobs Knobs

You’re all knobs ;)

response to improper share Update: It is a proper share Thank you HammerheadFistpunch for clarifying

Terms and Vernacular  Terms and Vernacular 

You know what really bothers me? The non use of the term UTE.

Build a Jeep! Build a Jeep!

Holy trim levels Batman! What is this a 911?!

The Lamborghini Urraco The Lamborghini Urraco

Thanks to the post I made on the Oppo FB page about how this (see video) makes me want to puke and I would rather have a Urraco, I am now making a post on the Urraco.

Uber Uber

interesting story about Uber. So this last weekend I went up to SF to visit a friend and have a mini vacation. Well 90% of travel around the city was with Uber, when we weren’t walking of course.

Bad Factory Options Bad Factory Options

I love my GTO named Lilith

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