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I Cyber Monday'd I Cyber Monday'd

Finally upgraded my home audio receiver! I’m pumped my old receiver is a piece of junk and this new one will be awesome. Up next speakers!!! Here’s what I bought. I feel like its a good deal at $250. Did you guys cyber Monday anything good? This will be a huge upgrade and lately my old unit overheats while watching…

This guy keeps it clean This guy keeps it clean

Old guy driving it was shipping some pistols somewhere. He’s certainly loves his car because it’s really clean.

Dwift Mode  Dwift Mode 


Minty ITR Minty ITR

Get stuck in the same traffic almost every day so I usually see a lot of the same cars. This one’s new and was very nice. And another picture if you wonder what it’s like to live in a city that’s growing way faster than its roads it’s basically traffic as far as the eye can see

Found in the always entertaining Wal-Mart parking lot Found in the always entertaining Wal-Mart parking lot

Captain’s Log I found a Star Trek fan.

Random things seen 3 out of 5 auto related. Random things seen 3 out of 5 auto related.

1st. Ok that kinda looks like a trailer on your mud flap but for some reason I see gentleman’s sausage. The placement couldn’t be worse on that graphic. Would look better with the balls moved towards the T near the words Trailer Leasing to better resemble the standard overhang on a typical trailer rear end.

Ran when parked Ran when parked

My bush trimmer is TKO. All the gas lines are rotten, the carb is all gummed up, the primer bulb is dry rot. I dont want to throw it away but I don’t need it or want to fix it. The only reason I kept it was because it’s named Excalibur and I like to yell that out and rev bomb while I use it. Does oppo think a local…

Me "Did you check all the connections?" Me "Did you check all the connections?"

Coworker “yes but it’s still dead.” Ahh so close yet so far away.

Squatty Potty Squatty Potty

Carolina squat. It’s not good.nite

One of the few negatives of moving south.  One of the few negatives of moving south. 

Critters that want to kill you. As seen on a piece of equipment I’m currently working on. There was more than one and they all scurried off into the shadows yay. Now I get to reach my arm in and work on it.. For those who aren’t familiar it’s a black widow with Venom 15 times more powerful than a rattlesnake I’m…

Taught my kids about the Punch Bug game last week. Taught my kids about the Punch Bug game last week.

So far Dad 6 kids 0 Muhahahahahaha. Maybe they can score one at school now. I doubt it bet a teacher lays one on them first. :) And yes not only am I that bad at drawing I’m so bad that this is a trace and it’s still almost unrecognizable.

Feisty Festiva Feisty Festiva

I think it was a Festiva but when it grows up it will definitely be something bigger judging by the size of it’s shoes. Bonus tiny truck nutz.

Generator 15 hp/8000 watts Generator 15 hp/8000 watts

This is my generator. Do you have one? Mine is about 9 years old and has only run for 19 hours total. I guess that makes me lucky. That would be a 2.1 hour per year average but realistically it’s more like one 12 hour use during a storm and the rest is just accumulated from running it for maintenance. I generally like…

My husky hard bottom tool bag. My husky hard bottom tool bag.

That sounds weird. Anyway was thinking I’d clean it up and share a photo but then I remembered that every time I clean it I end up needing the stuff I removed so here it is dirty and overpacked. Used this one going on 5 years of heavy use. Pretty happy with them have one loaded at the house for home duty as well.

Interesting and scary  Interesting and scary 

Saw this at the pump in Chapel Hill NC and thought cool! Then I drove past it to find a homemade ratchet strap/piece of lumber attached to god knows what under the car acting like a hitch. Wish I got a pic but it was not good.

Goodbye Thousand Islands. Goodbye Thousand Islands.

Heading home from vacation in the morning (700 mile drive). Here’s a grainy screen shot from my phone of a dji phantom pro drone video I took of our family cottage on the water. I recorded over an hours worth of 4k video that I can’t wait to check out. The van is loaded last thing it needs is its captain, his wife,…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Unless you eat so much that it ends your day before it even started.. Maple smoked bacon, lettuce, smoked tomatoes, medium eggs, avocado, tomato aoili, on grilled brioche with a mountain of home fries. Good thing all I have planned is swimming, beer drinking, napping and maybe replacing the pull start string on the…

Thing seen Thing seen

While vacationing in Ny/Canadian Thousand Islands.

Went to see Roger Waters Went to see Roger Waters

It was a good show. Love me some Floyd so it was worth the effort that is for sure. Wish I would have went to the The Wall tour he did back in 2014 but this was really good so I shouldn’t complain.

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