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Saturday Screamer Saturday Screamer

I finally got my greasy lil mitts on this one. Godzilla can be sexy... kinda.. no? More images to come:)

Hour Rule: New Exhaust Hour Rule: New Exhaust

Got my new pocket pal all set up with an exhaust and everything:)

Mini GT by TSM Update!

You won’t believe the nice pieces coming out from MiniGT. Check out the link in this post. Or, maybe you will :D I sure can’t wait to see them and possibly get my hands on some!

Hour Rule: Mopar Monday Hour Rule: Mopar Monday

I love this casting from Matchbox. A while back, I hit it with a roof rack, some details and rubber tires. I hope you enjoy!

Hour Rule: Power Outage Hour Rule: Power Outage

Power outage at the garage. Backup lights are on :p

Hour Rule: The Germans... Hour Rule: The Germans...

They’re coming. I don’t even like white cars, but this little guy is cool. I’ll let him be. My least favorite of the set. More to come;)

Winged Wednesday: I'm a Hack Winged Wednesday: I'm a Hack

But, I’m working on my skills; I promise. In the meantime, these aren’t too bad, if I don’t say so myself.

Thirsty Thursday Mail Call Haul Thirsty Thursday Mail Call Haul

It finally came. My MiniGT GT-R Liberty Walk. I’m disappointed that it doesn’t roll very well. As with most higher end diecast, the chances are usually 50/50 for it to roll.

Hour Rule: Time for A Walk In The Park Hour Rule: Time for A Walk In The Park

...or the... um... forest idk :D I love that they’ve come out with the hardtop version. The details they've added are top notch, as well imho. I hope you enjoy!

A Quick Classic. Get It? Quick... Classic... A Quick Classic. Get It? Quick... Classic...

Not an hour rule, but similar. Kowalski loves when an American classic stops by the shop. The air is always free”)

Tarmac Works Does It Again Tarmac Works Does It Again

A new casting I managed to get my hands on. I love GT racing, and the have more coming. MiniGT by TSM is also coming out with the Ford GTE and the 911 RSR, soon and the NSX GT3 is already out. Check out that carbon fiber :D

ORAT! ORAT for the masses! ORAT! ORAT for the masses!

Well, ok, maybe not. Mostly since I am WAY behind on content. Just pulled out an old custom MBX I made, earlier in the year. Hopefully I get a chance to get some more things going. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this one:)

Saturday Switcheroo Saturday Switcheroo

Just thought I’d stop by and say hello! I haven’t had any time to hunt, recently, but I DID find a few of the new Car Culture pieces. I definitely need the Bel Air Gasser.

Rennsport Reunion: Snow White Rennsport Reunion: Snow White

I haven’t been around for so long, that when I had a chance to stop in... I couldn’t resist:)

Tuetonic Triple Threat Tuesday Tuetonic Triple Threat Tuesday

Boy, do I love Tarmac Works. Only one shot of the Audi R8, but silver is really a nice color for diecast, no?:)

Tarmac Works M6 GT car!

It’s coming:)

#mydiecastlifetour The Blue Demon #mydiecastlifetour The Blue Demon

I had the opportunity to be in Ft. Lauderdale for a week, on a work related trip. I took The Blue Demon with me, this time. These are all I managed to snap, but I hope you like em! For more pics of previous trips, you can checkout that hashtag on IG;)


I thought these wheels were a nice fit :)

Hour Rule Hour Rule

To get to Kowalski’s, you have to go over the river and through the woods. Here he is on his way back from a parts run with the lads in back(:

Mail's Here! Mail's Here!

On IG, I’m a part of a ‘crew’ and many of us used to write (graffiti). I, myself, wasn’t nearly as prolific (one mural) but I always had an interest in cartooning, calligraphy, and art overall. So, I had the idea to pass around one of these Greenlight trucks. It’s been state to state, but still has a few more to go! I…

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