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Does Oppo into World Cup? Does Oppo into World Cup?

haven’t seen any posts about it. Also, here’s a not-car I saw at work.

New Pin New Pin

From the 2000 Olympic Games. This is up there with my Honda V10 pin.

Up on Whiteface in NY Up on Whiteface in NY

Also the Mustang is tiny.

DOTS: 1965 Mustang DOTS: 1965 Mustang

And it was towing a little trailer. It’s awesome.

I'm doing this for you, Oppo. (Updated) I'm doing this for you, Oppo. (Updated)

Update: It’s pretty not so good. Not undrinkable and with a mixer it’d be fine to drink. I do not recommend it on the rocks or neat. It’s not crazy flavorful and not as sweet as I expected. I’ll pick up something to make drinks with tomorrow.

Be Careful Be Careful

My sister was involved in an accident yesterday. 5 teens in this car, everyone had seatbelts and everyone walked away.

Couple of Clean Coupes Couple of Clean Coupes

Cleaned the Mustang and the M2 and then it rains. Fucking always. The Dinan S2 pack is on the M2 now and it sounds brutal, my grandfather must seem crazy getting out of that thing.

Work View Isn't too Shabby Work View Isn't too Shabby

I’ll get back to car content when I have time to work on the damn car. I have springs and sway bars sitting in the garage waiting to be installed.

Well, I Guess I'll Go In Late Well, I Guess I'll Go In Late

They are repaving the main road which kind of leaves me trapped on my little street. I am supposed to have work in a little so hopefully the cones are moved by then.

Good Ol' USAF  Good Ol' USAF 

Sent to me by my friend who is stationed in Ohio.

Booger Content Booger Content

In order of how the day has gone. Also the first was editted by Google which still weirds me out.

2 Years Ago 2 Years Ago

I was watching DTM and World Rallycross at Hockenheim. Ken Block’s wife and kids were sitting right in front of me that day. The Focus RSRX was louder and more obnoxious than any of the other cars, great times.

Cinco de Mayo Cinco de Mayo

Booger is excited, are you?

Work is Slow Work is Slow

And I can read or post Kinja comments on the computer here. Also it’s raining and we haven’t had a single golfer all day. 2 more hours teammates.

Have a good one teammates. Have a good one teammates.

Be kind to those you love And be kind to those you don’t But for God’s sake you gotta be kind

New Insta, Who dis? New Insta, Who dis?


Suspension Stuff Ordered Suspension Stuff Ordered

I bit the bullet, maybe a tad bit alcohol induced but I can handle that in the morning. I don’t even want the springs but they were only $40 more. They lower the car like 2" which is too much, maybe I’ll sell them and recoup some cost.

Suspension orrr.... Suspension orrr....

A non-running Fiero for $600.

10 page paper/20 minute presentation due tomorrow.  10 page paper/20 minute presentation due tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is the last day of class, after school I will be treating myself with bourbon. Feel free to drop suggestions in the comments, $50 range

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