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Snow Day!  Snow Day! 

I’m off and got a chance to play in an unplowed lot for a few minutes.

More Goddamn Snow More Goddamn Snow

Something like 11-15 coming my way soon. I’ll try to get out there and play with the E46 a little, test out that AWD.

Mmm She Clean AF Tho Mmm She Clean AF Tho

look at this beautiful 2001 330xi. Her name is Helena.

Flags! Flags!

I’m pretty sure the Toyota one is from LeMans in 2016, someone here probably recognizes the car.

In Need of an Adventure In Need of an Adventure

It has been far too long since my last automotive excursion.

And She's Finally Home And She's Finally Home

My 2001 330xi with a manual and 140k. All that’s left to do is sell it to fund the Mustang’s suspension.

My Dirty Exhaust Hole My Dirty Exhaust Hole

Also, bonus pup. His name is Booger and he’s a German Shepherd/Boxer mix. Goodnight.

A Clean Car is a Happy Car A Clean Car is a Happy Car

Also on display my new exhaust, a Tomei Expreme Ti. It’s loud and fun and is only a single exit which I’m slowly getting used to.

DUI: You Kinda Fuckin' Earned It DUI: You Kinda Fuckin' Earned It

Someone I have known for years recently got a DUI and is looking for sympathy. Heck that noise. We all know better than to get behind the wheel after drinking.

RX-8 Engine Swap RX-8 Engine Swap

Talking to a friend about a potential engine swap for an RX-8 as the engine is on it’s way out. Throw some ideas out there!

Take Me Back Take Me Back

Remember when it was nice out?

Goodnight, Teammates. Goodnight, Teammates.

Hope your dreams are better than our poor ST stuck in the snow.

Doing it Right Doing it Right

911 with the top down in 36 degree weather.

New to the Family New to the Family

2018 M2. Grandfather just picked this up to go with the rest if the M collection.

TBT, I miss this thing. TBT, I miss this thing.

What old cars do you miss?

Montclair State University Montclair State University

Just checkin’ if any of you fools go there. Car club meeting is tomorrow and I’m contemplating going.

Still have not installed my new exhaust. Still have not installed my new exhaust.

All this goddamn wintery weather is screwing up my plans for the install. It’s either too damn cold or snowing.

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