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What Happens Next? (Personal) What Happens Next? (Personal)

Buffer image of the Mustang and the E30 M3 at the track.

Missing Euroland Missing Euroland

And my go to gas station beers while I was there.

Anyone Need a Turbo? Anyone Need a Turbo?

Apparently Walmart sells turbo kits and 7 cylinder radial engines too.

Hawk's Nest, New York Hawk's Nest, New York

Started snowing but, I did two runs up and 2 down.


Evap code, I reset it and hopefully it was just the gas cap.

Snow Day and Pup. Snow Day and Pup.

Helena shines in the snow. Any other time she’s just alright. Also, roommate is dog sitting and he’s at work so I made a new friend.

Ford Five Hundred GT-R Ford Five Hundred GT-R

It’s got a 590 horsepower V8 from a Ford GT sitting in the back seat. I’ve always liked the Five Hundred and this one is just perfect.

Still So Pretty. Still So Pretty.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have snow tires yet so it won’t be taken out for any fun.

I certainly can. I certainly can.

She's just going to be pissed when I cancel our trip to Vermont in January.

Fancy 'Maro Fancy 'Maro

Calloway Camaro seen next to a dirty ass Mustang.

Who needs a Hellephant? Who needs a Hellephant?

When you could have a 9.0L V8TT with 1650 horsepower.

5 Years Ago Today 5 Years Ago Today

Is when I ordered my 2014 Fiesta ST sight unseen and having never even driven one.

Bojack Horseviper (and a faked M3) Bojack Horseviper (and a faked M3)

Also saw a beautiful green Ferrari 400i rolling with a 308? I don’t know Ferrari that well.

Alright, This is the One Alright, This is the One

P1 GTR that is, VIN 01. The first car I’d buy with my lottery money. And yes, I’d daily it.

I Bought Mega Millions Tickets I Bought Mega Millions Tickets

I wasn’t going to, I figured that by the time I got around to it that someone would’ve won.

Winter is Coming. Winter is Coming.

Check out my meat. Pirelli Winter Carving Edge Run Flats, huge heavy and they get the job done every time.

DOTS: Stanceru Edition DOTS: Stanceru Edition

#CAMBERGANG Can you see out of the windshield? Is your exhaust meant to double as a parking sensor? What did this Subaru do to you? Why didn't you just ruin another FR-S instead?

The 330xi Has Returned

Now it’s actually time to get rid of it. Really this time. I have a Mustang, who needs all wheel drive.. why would I want a beater to take the on the salt and snow melt? No, I have a Mustang for that..

Saw a couple of Porches today.  Saw a couple of Porches today. 

At PMR in Califon, NJ. My dad’s Mini is there getting some turbo issues sorted and my grandfather’s M2 is getting some camber plates installed.

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