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Meadow: A Nonverbal Narrative

The point of this game is to communicate and cooperate without words so to that end I’m trying to give you an idea of what it’s like without talking or explaining any of it.

Meadow: a Steam Review Meadow: a Steam Review

What follows is my thorough Steam review of Meadow, an odd mmo style game from the Shelter devs. Get the game here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/486310

First Reaction to Nintendo Switch Reveal First Reaction to Nintendo Switch Reveal

Those controllers need to be at least... 3 times bigger.

We Happy Few Review, A Scanner Happy? (on the Unreliability of the Narrator)

We Happy Few. Thematically this one is an odd bird to me. It has me thinking of A Cask of Amontillado and A Scanner Darkly. Hmm... now I really want to read a story called A Scanner of Amontillado. Anyhoo, I say that because both center around the unreliability of the narrator. In Amontillado you have Montressor…

Random Challenge [with VIDEO] Random Challenge [with VIDEO]

A random post [with VIDEO]

Train Simulating n' Zombie Shooting

The Final Station is an upcoming PC survival, crafting, zombie shooting, train simulating, group managing, 2D exploration game. You know, that old yarn. You start out with nothing aside from your big, honkin’ train. You need to start looking around immediately to find a weapon. Each station stop is essentially a level…

Shadwen Review - I'm a Terrible Role Model

Shadwen is a game about possibilities. As Shadwen, you are a master assassin on a quest for revenge until a young girl named Lily witnesses your crimes. Now you must bring her along so she doesn’t compromise your mission. The first thing you’ll notice is the unique time freeze mechanic. Time only moves as you do but…

See No Evil, Hear Evil (Be a Blind Swordsman) See No Evil, Hear Evil (Be a Blind Swordsman)

A Blind Legend is an audio game about being a blind swordsman. You are guided through the world by your daughter, Louise. It’s a very unique experience. You move yourself through the 3D environment based on audio clues. If you are stuck you can have Louise give you directions, “More to the Left, that’s it! Now…

About SHAQing Time!  About SHAQing Time! 

Thank you for changing the header. Too long has my Shaq love gone unacknowledged. I look forward to Shaq articles all the Shaqing time.

Jalopy - Clunky Car Simulator Jalopy - Clunky Car Simulator

Jalopy is such an odd mix of simulation, mundane interactivity, and quirky indie charm. You start with a husk of a car. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you? You’ll need to build the car before you can drive it. You need to place a mismatched door on it, pop the hood and piece-by-piece assemble the engine…

The Adv. of Fluffy McChub-Chub

Join Fluffy McChub-Chub on his adventure to scale the Sky Temple and do some cardio whilst searching for snacks. Yeah, not much I can really write up on this one, it’s me being a jackass and sort of creating my own narrative. Overgrowth is a very quirky and unusual game. I do believe it also takes credit for creating…

Steam Controller No Longer Dependent on BPM

A lot of us have been waiting for this since the Steam Controller launched. You can now edit controller configs from Desktop Steam instead of requiring it to be in Big Picture Mode. This is particularly useful for those of us who tweak and edit configs in detail. Now you are able to have a browser window open to show…

Scrap Mechanic: I Made a Rotating Boot...

There’s a new vehicle builder in town. Scrap Mechanic is a creative sandbox for realizing unique vehicles, peculiar structures, and... rotating boots. Yes, when given limitless possibilities the best I could muster was to make an electrically powered, rotating boot. Don’t judge, that’s how I roll. This game is the…

Puzzle Platforming with Drunk Goo Puzzle Platforming with Drunk Goo

Human: Fall Flat is a new PC puzzle game currently in alpha. Even in this early state it’s quite a lot of fun. You control a little Goo Man who looks straight out of Gang Beasts and maneuver him through puzzle rooms. Whereas that one is fun to play with a friend and drunkenly pummel into each other there’s really…

Steam Controller + Battlefront = FTW! Steam Controller + Battlefront = FTW!

Steam Controller; Ok... I just have to fangirl about the gyro aiming with this thing. SERIOUSLY, it’s effing awesome and I can’t believe Valve doesn’t showcase it more.

Steam Controller Full Review (Steep Learning Curve - Massive Rewards) Steam Controller Full Review (Steep Learning Curve - Massive Rewards)

I didn’t want to say too much about it until I was able to properly put it through its paces. I go over pretty much everything there is to know about the controller in this video review. Spoiler Alert, I think it’s a pretty damn amazing piece of hardware. There’s definitely a learning curve to it but once you get over…

Steam Controller + Touch Menus = Mindblown

I finally had some time to fiddle with my Steam Controller. It’s not perfect but I was very surprised to find this particular feature buried away in the configuration. You can add in touch menus on the haptic pads with up to 16 buttons. That opens up all kinds of possibilities with this controller.

Crappy Construction Sims - a Deviant Discovers His Fetish  Crappy Construction Sims - a Deviant Discovers His Fetish 

It’s a sickness... I can’t stop and the worst part is, I don’t want to. I can’t understand what it is about these games I enjoy. They are tedious, they are slow, they are often obtuse, sometimes barely functional. And yet I can’t stop. Someone help me. This particular game is Construction Machines Simulator 2016...…

CoD: Black Ops III - It's Not You... It's Me. CoD: Black Ops III - It's Not You... It's Me.

There comes a time when you realize you are no longer the demographic for a product. Today was that day for me.

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