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Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Greetings all, and welcome to Fur Face Friday! Hopefully you and all your fur faces made it through KrabbyPaddy’s inaugural Bear Week unmauled. No fancy themes this week, just a pile of cute to brighten your Friday.

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Welcome all, to Fur Face Friday. No time to stop and chat this week, so let’s get to right to it.

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Welcome to Fur Face Friday, your source for cuteness as you try to distract yourself from work long enough to make it to the holiday weekend (apologies to non-American readers, it’s a shame your countries don’t celebrate the 4th, it is a good holiday. You’re still eagerly welcomed at FFF regardless!).

STOVL/VTOL Aircraft Ranked STOVL/VTOL Aircraft Ranked

Inspired by ttyymmnn and my own desire to procrastinate by looking at pictures of planes, have a ranking of jump jet, tilt rotors, tail sitters, and other plane-like aviation oddities (some aircraft have been omitted for being too helicopter-like, while I’ve probably just missed others):

Nissan Cube Work Truck! Nissan Cube Work Truck!

Didn’t we just have one of these? I can’t find it, but in any event, have another:

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

After a week that seemed to drag on forever, we’ve finally made it to Friday, and we can close the week out with fur faces of all sorts. That’s right, welcome to the Kinjaverse’s premier weekly pet post, FUR FACE FRIDAY! 

Big Plane! Big Plane!

Indeed, the biggest plane by wingspan, Vulcan Aerospace’s Stratolaunch was out of the hangar for the first time yesterday. The plan is to use it as a reusable rocket launch platform.

Oppo, Teach Me About Headliner Repair/Replacement Oppo, Teach Me About Headliner Repair/Replacement

So after a nice long drive with the windows down, my headliner has decided that the ceiling sucks, and being ever closer to floor looks like a good idea. I’d like to get this fixed professionally given that a self repair seems complicated and my previous attempt to deal with just the edge resulted in:

Just a Jeep Renegade Heavily Overloaded with Watermelons Driving 50mph in the Second Leftmost Lane of I-45 Just a Jeep Renegade Heavily Overloaded with Watermelons Driving 50mph in the Second Leftmost Lane of I-45

Those front wheels are still barely on the pavement I guess. Also the trailer sides appear to be made from doors for what that’s worth.

Non-Boeing American Jetliners Ranked Non-Boeing American Jetliners Ranked

Wrapping up this series (Boeing, Airbus, Other Western European, Soviet Bloc, Rest of the World), we review the surprisingly small number of non-Boeing jetliners produced in the US.

Non-American/European Jetliners Ranked Non-American/European Jetliners Ranked

Continuing this series (Boeing, Airbus, Other Western European, Soviet Bloc), we move on to the second to last group, covering planes from the rest of the world (the last entry will go through the non-Boeing Americans). This is a varied and regional jet heavy group without a single widebody airliner (China’s Comac and…

Soviet Bloc Jetliners Ranked Soviet Bloc Jetliners Ranked

I am no longer under deadline pressure, which means it’s time for more arbitrary jetliner rankings (Boeing, Airbus, Other Western European)! Today’s journey takes us to the former Soviet Bloc for all of your unsafe, unreliable, and/or inefficient favorites. This is the largest set in my series, so please enjoy (or…

Non-Airbus Western European Jetliners Ranked Non-Airbus Western European Jetliners Ranked

Continuing my series of arbitrary passenger jet rankings (Boeing, Airbus), we look at probably the most interesting set yet. Mostly covering the early jet age, these planes came from a time when you had many competitors and no clear idea as to what a jetliner should look like. Far from the current crop of various…

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

It’s Friday once again, and that means it’s time for Fur Faces. We aim to give you nothing but the best pet photos and a chance to share your own.

Help Me Live and Let Diecast Help Me Live and Let Diecast

This is weird request, but does anyone know if there are any toys/models/etc. of the final-gen Tercel? Ideally the BlackHawk trim but I’m getting the feeling that quite possibly there are none at all so beggars definitely can’t be choosers.

Airbus Jetliners Ranked  Airbus Jetliners Ranked 

My previous ranking of Boeing jetliners was fun to put together, and the discussion was amusing, even if many people were wrong about the 777, so I’ve decided to do a series of these and maybe even merge them into a big list at the end. Today, we’ll look at planes from Airbus.

The X-37B is back The X-37B is back

After 718 days in space, the Air Force’s robotic space plane landed at Kennedy Space Center on Sunday, becoming the first spacecraft to land on the runway there since the shuttle was retired. Still no definitive word on what it was actually doing (the Air Force claims it is just a technology testbed).

Boeing Jetliners Ranked Boeing Jetliners Ranked

I’m bored and procrastinating so please accept this definitive ranking of Boeing commercial jetliners.

Love those trains Love those trains

I feel like I probably watched this a billion times as a kid, driving my parents insane (I’d be surprised if they couldn’t recite the thing from memory).

Vasa Vasa

Vasa is the world’s only surviving 17th century ship (for some definition of surviving). Built on the orders of the great Swedish warrior-king Gustavus Adolphus for his war against Poland, it was launched in 1628. Owing to inadequate ballast the ship took on water and sunk before even reaching the Baltic on its maiden…

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