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Note the SUV driver unable to successfully parallel park.  Happens here too.


A few cars behind that was a Levorg

The beginning of the end is near. The beginning of the end is near.

It sucks that it is now on the horizon, the death of the ICE. I understand and agree with the reasons for it, just hate to see it finally happen. When people like Chevrolet are talking about electric crate motors, it’s hard not to believe fossil fuels are not long for the automotive world.

Preemptive Hour Rule Preemptive Hour Rule

Focus ST with 18x8.5 RPF1s

Hour Rule! Hour Rule!

Current love interest for my convertible dreams.  Saw one in person and...⚡

Turbo Car Weather Turbo Car Weather

Car drives great this evening. Put over 100 miles on it today as I had to go up to Seattle for some work stuff. On that note, I just rolled over 6000 miles in two years.

Rewatching The Grand Tour Season 1

It is much better than my memory of my initial reaction to it. I think “The American” is a bit heavy handed, but oh well. My favorite bit is the prepper episode.

It Punches Hard

The new Veloster N is reviewed in a comparison test by Car and Driver against a Civic Type R. Not the more financially equal Civic Si with the factory handling package. Still, it does way better than I thought it would against that monster. Hyundai/Kia are really knocking it out of the park.

Raining Monday... Nurburgring videos Raining Monday... Nurburgring videos

One of my favorite Nurburgring videos. Watching this guy behind the wheel is awesomely entertaining.

Our Rule Our Rule

Only one I’ll publish of my family. If you could see his smile as he grabs the steering wheel and makes the same car sounds he makes when we watch wrc... Life really makes sense and I’m one lucky sonofabitch.

No and Yes No and Yes

Yes, everything I’d want in a Porsche I'd never want myself in.

Glad he's still with us Glad he's still with us

Sauber gains a lot with him.

Los Angeles dealerships are having a fire sale or so I've heard Los Angeles dealerships are having a fire sale or so I've heard

Anybody fine good prices?  The cars are going like hotcakes from what I understand.

Hey AestheticsinMotion... Hey AestheticsinMotion...

Start your collection already, you’re close enough to Zoidberg and already broken into Volvo’s maintenance schedule. Has the leather you want too.

Lance Stroll's driving coach impressed with performance Lance Stroll's driving coach impressed with performance

“That’s how you do it! With the budget he has, I’m sure he’ll surpass me!” said a jubilant Pastor Maldonado. “He really shows he has what it takes to truly leave his marks on F1 and other drivers. History is being made ."

Scored some Hot Wheels (and Matchbox) Scored some Hot Wheels (and Matchbox)

My twins should be happy.

I miss din and double din radio slots

Can’t stand integrated anything, make the guts modular please.  Factory sucks.

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