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Stay safe tonight Oppo Stay safe tonight Oppo

Get a cab if you need one tonight. Keep Oppo’ing tomorrow.

Want?  Want!

What is the max price you guys would bid?

Peak Porsche? Peak Porsche?

On BAT I’ve noticed a slight trend in several typically big ticket Porsches not meeting reserve. I’ve also noticed people seemingly putting together everything and anything Porsche and trying to sell it and lately there haven’t been as many takers. With market interest rates changing, will this affect speculation…

Did I miss the COTD post for today? Did I miss the COTD post for today?

I’ve seen a few gems that are worthy, but don’t recall seeing the post for it. Bueller, Bueller?

Arch Duke Maxyenko Arch Duke Maxyenko

Your artwork with these glasses would sell. At least I’d buy them. Any thoughts or ways to pass this up to society 6 higher ups?

Dealers are very willing to deal on 2018 Miatas Dealers are very willing to deal on 2018 Miatas

I’ve started calling around different dealers to see what kind of prices they’re asking for on the Miata and it seems like they’re willing to play ball. May be the impending release of the more powerful 2019. I’ll just have to figure out where to store it. Oh, and get the wife’s permission first.


Can people go over the rules of the road sharing section? There’s an awful lot of it going on lately.

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