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SFL MK7 /// Labor Day Weekend SFL MK7 /// Labor Day Weekend

Got together with the SFL MK7 gang for a hangout out on Key Biscayne on Saturday. Good food and drinks, beautiful weather, great people, and some awesome VWs. Perfect way to spend the long weekend. Managed to shoot some photos and rollers afterwards too.

SFL MK7 /// Miami SFL MK7 /// Miami

Got together with the guys (and girls) from our local VW Group, SFL MK7 and took a drive down to Miami. Grabbed breakfast and some photos in the Wynwood Art District, before breaking off with a few buddies and heading to Key Biscayne. All in all, a great day with some great people.


Hey all, we had a meet here in South Florida the other night and a few of us grabbed some quick photos at a Porsche dealer nearby as we headed out. Not bad for handheld shots in low light!

I met @ItsWhiteNoise and @Zalasin. I met @ItsWhiteNoise and @Zalasin.

Had the awesome pleasure of meeting @itswhitenoise and @zalasin at Cars and Coffee last weekend. Found the perfect spot for their decal in my Mk7's engine bay, joining @tannerfoust ‘s signature.

New year. New wheels. New year. New wheels.

So after a few months of researching and exploring my options, I finally pulled the trigger on a set of wheels and tires for my Mk7! Really was never a fan of the stock wheels, so I'm ecstatic to be running wheels that (in my view) compliment the design and color of the car so well.

So for the last 2 weeks or so here in South FL, it's been raining every day rather heavily. Hadn't been able to wash the car, let alone wax it, for a decent while as result. Weather was finally great today so I took the opportunity to was and seal it with Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection. Sure enough - it rained…

Washed, Sealed, Waxed, and Photographed my Mk 7 Washed, Sealed, Waxed, and Photographed my Mk 7

Hey everyone. Long time browser and frequent commenter, but this is my first proper post. The weather here in south FL finally held out this weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to fully detail my MkVII for the first time =)