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Help Me Remember The Title of This Book! Help Me Remember The Title of This Book!

Does anyone remember a sci-fi novel between 2003-2010 called On the Spot, or something like that? It had a noir feel and a picture of someone in a spotlight on the cover, as I recall. The cover was an amber/orange color.

Be Rick Deckard for Halloween

Hunt replicants. Fall in love with them. Narrate your own life.

Biblical Scholar Claims Jesus Was Invented by 1st Century Romans

An American Biblical scholar claims he has found evidence that Jesus was entirely made up by 1st Century Roman aristocrats as a kind of psychological warfare against Jewish insurrections.

"Gritty, you Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”

A recent post asked people to list gritty, realistic and dark science fiction and fantasy. I don't believe people understand what "gritty" means as applied to narratives. I'm not sure they know what "realistic" means either. Here is Webster's definition of gritty as presented to me by a poster who claimed it validated…

io9 and Politics io9 and Politics

It's no secret I come down toward the liberal side. I actually posted the following as a joke yesterday. People generally seemed to like it as it got 148 recommends. At the same time, a few others got very angry that I had "derailed" the thread. Here is said thread.

Is Doctor Who A Soap Opera? Is Doctor Who A Soap Opera?

An older post made last September, but relevant still.

Nightshade Books Has Been Bought

After some to-do in the SF/F community, Nightshade has new owners.

Happy Birthday to Mark Sheppard Happy Birthday to Mark Sheppard

The indispensable science fiction character actor is 49 today, kids.

How Many SF/F Writers Are Earning A Living? How Many SF/F Writers Are Earning A Living?

How many do you think are making a living at it? What are the odds [besides bad]?

Less Content?

Is it just me, or has there been a lot fewer posts in the last several days?

So, this is the new io9 site/blog/sonic screwdriver.

This is apparently my blog. I have no idea how this is supposed to work. Am I supposed to link people to this? Why would anyone want to read my io9 sub-blog? Do you want to read my sub-blog?