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GT Tweet Beat and OT

I don’t normally do this, but I’m ignoring bad things that happened today by cruising twitter and we haven’t had one in a couple of days.

Good Things Post, 11/28/17

I don’t usually start these and it’s been little bleak and a lot surreal for me lately. So the news I got today, while frivolous, was very very welcome.

Morning OT

Yesterday, I lamented because the Pixies were playing and I wasn’t going. Money is tight, so I haven’t been buying tickets. I was sewing an outfit for a large goth thing next month and took a break. As I’m looking at FB, a friend announces he has an extra ticket and who wants to join him. I am rarely the first person…


Update: The neurologist just called to let me know the MRI was good. It showed some sinus disease, the scoliosis we found a few weeks ago, and some possible herniation in the thoracic region of the spine, but nothing that would contribute to the pain, muscle spasms, and involuntary movement she has. We have an EEG…

Part of my self care... Part of my self care...

Part of my self care is taking care of my gut. I have a tendency towards yeast overgrowth** and I am very bad at maintaining my gut flora. A friend is starting a business making freaking awesome sauerkraut. He ferments it for months before refrigerating it to slow the bacteria. I know several people who get regular…

I don't usually get all political, but... I don't usually get all political, but...

Correction: It was the Office of Congressional Ethicsthat they voted to gut and not the Office of Government Ethic. (There are way to many similarly named things.) So that isn’t as directly linked as I initially thought to the fact that the Senate seems to be bypassing the system that nominations are usually…

We made another thing We made another thing

Since moving into our house in September 2015, we have found that Mr. Moxie likes to build and restore things and I have always known I like to paint things.

Who was looking for an epilator?

Woot has some on sale.

I don't know when the last kid post was, but... I don't know when the last kid post was, but...

Mini Moxie came into the living room and said, “Mom, one of my friends heard that Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon synced up with The Wizard of Oz.”

Watch Loretta Lynch call North Carolina on their bullshit.

I thought I would put this up. I didn’t hear about it until a friend posted it on FB and a quick search gave me gawker’s write up, which gave me a much better title than I would have put up on my own. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Gif Party! Gif Party!

Just because someone shared this with me and I needed to do the same.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to make this it's own post, but... I wasn't sure if I wanted to make this it's own post, but...

I didn’t see where else to put it and I know there are some major Hamilton fans and Whovians out there.

I'm starting a dinner post

Costco had corned beef briskets today. I completely missed them last year and was so sad. I grabbed 3 today and am going to push my husband to get a freezer for the garage this week. I’m not saying I just want more room to stash enough corned beef for the rest of the year, but...

In which Katy discovers talking cats aren't a good idea In which Katy discovers talking cats aren't a good idea

So, we got a dog and that dog, Kari, is awesome. Within about 6 hours, our older cat, Tommy, was cool with him. Tommy is about 9 and lived the first year of his life with a couple of big dogs and some cats. He was an only cat for about 5 years before I got kitten fever and brought home Gordon. It has been two weeks…

Do we have any sculptors around here?

I don’t know how many sculptural artists we have, but this project is outside of my ability and I thought I would share.

Another consent story.

This popped up on the fb and I thought it was cute.

The Truth About Hymens The Truth About Hymens

I know, second post of the night, but I’m not even sorry.

My high schooler is a thinker (or do I really have to come up with a title?)

My daughter read this article to me while I was washing dinner. The gist is that the more an Americans goes to church, the more they tend to support torturing people. The article is from 2009, so it’s a few years old. But reads:

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