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More Paris stuff More Paris stuff

If you haven’t seen it, Vice posted an interview with the Eagles of Death Metal about the attack at the Batlaclan a couple of days ago. It is emotional.

We made a thing. We made a thing.

When I said Mr. Moxie and I were making the Sliding Spice Rack of my Pinterest dreams, I was asked to post when we finished. Here is the post that first made me want this.

Middle of the night musings.

I woke up at 1:30 am with the horrible thought that my aunt was abandoning her trailer and left me with the keys.


My daughter’s laptop bit the big one. Geeksquad wanted to charge us almost $700 to fix a laptop that had an MSRP of maybe $400 when brand new. We only paid $200 for it on a Black Friday deal.

New (to me) music. New (to me) music.

I am a musical crumudgeon. I have only adopted a few musicians or bands since college and most of those sound a lot like what I was already listening to.

Happy things Happy things

I love this woman’s wedding photos. They make me happy and I thought I would share.

Teaching consent Teaching consent

I know the tea metaphor was talked about several times here. If you missed it, I don’t know where the group think posts are, but here is the blog that seems to have started it and a video based on the blog post.

Exciting Sewing Update

I have an update to this post:

Dallas: I just couldn't make this stuff up.

Evidently, overnight a man who blamed police for losing custody of his son, and “accusing him of being a terrorist,” attacked the Dallas Police headquarters with guns and bombs. (Way to show them by actually being a terrorist?) I was in Dallas when stuff started going down, so waking up to learn that other areas of…

Random things Random things

I am super excited to be able to buy this pattern by LoriAnn and Simplicity soon (in about a month?). I have coveted her outfits on Etsy for ages and have attempted to figure out how to put together a few pieces. It looks like it will have her bustle, short skirt and mini hood! I don’t really like over-bust, corsety…

Why haven't I heard about this before now?

They are making the group-thinkiest of all biopics:

Inane Sunday Share Inane Sunday Share

I talk about my habit of going dancing a lot. I wanted to share a promotional video that was filmed over the last two Fridays because it is very, very cool. I can see me dancing in the background. It was weird with Kurtz walking around with a camera.

LA questions...

I have friends visiting the area and they are overwhelmed with the transportation options. Anyone have an opinion on the best way to get from the LAX to Glendale?

April is Autism Awareness Month.

April is Autism Awareness Month. My son has ASD with great impairment.

Buying houses

We made an offer on a house a couple of weeks ago and didn't get it. My prayers are always for the universe to arrange for the best outcome. Well, Friday we saw a house that has almost the same floorplan with an extra bedroom/den, another half bath, enclosed back porch, bricked back yard, outdoor workshop with heat…

Glitter bombing People of "Conservative Orientation"

is a concern of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Sometimes the internet is amazing

Also, I'm sitting here, drinking coffee and dreading putting pants on over my new tattoo. (I'll post a pic in the comments.) I will have to do it eventually because my parents need their lawn mowed and I'm the one who does it.

Anyone speak Gaelic? Anyone speak Gaelic?

With SugarHill's request, I thought I would make my own.

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