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Road Rage - No winners

Just a regular commute home and traffic is always slow in this spot due to the loss of a lane. When it slowed a lot up ahead I figured it was an accident and could see a man out of his car. Then I saw the Ford Escape, go up on 2 wheels and tip over. You can even hear the little SUV hitting the ground in my video. Here…

The end of an Era The end of an Era

Life is full of beginnings and endings, sometimes you are glad something has ended, such as Junior High School, sometimes you are upset that something has ended.

Motorcycles - A Love Story

First I would like to preface this post with the statement that Lane Splitting as discussed is legal in California and this post is only referring to California, specifically San Diego freeways and surface streets.

Just another Selfish Prius Driver Just another Selfish Prius Driver

So some idiot gets 26 misdemeanors for tearing up San Diego in his buggy, but this guy will get nothing.....

When it Rains, slow down and pay extra attention When it Rains, slow down and pay extra attention

This was scary, as I entered the intersection I heard something to my left and when I looked I saw this white truck barreling towards the intersection. I feel bad for the people he hit, but I am glad they were there to stop him from plowing over me. I wonder if he was looking at his phone..... Stay safe out there.

Laptop Driver

This blew me away.

I run my GoPro on my Helmet or hanging from my Rear View Mirror everyday while commuting and today I saw this Rear-Ender Accident. Since the law states that in California if a car rear-ends another, the one doing the hitting is always at fault, hence I did not stop to offer the Passat Driver a copy of the video. This…

The JEEP Brute is real

Yesterday I had to ride up to Temecula, CA to visit a client and on the 15 Freeway through Fallbrook I saw this JEEP Wrangler with a pickup bed on it labeled "BRUTE" on the side riding on this car carrier.

Stop Distracted Driving Stop Distracted Driving

We are told that Distracted Driving, specifically reading or sending text messages on ones cell phone while driving is as dangerous if not more dangerous than driving while under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol.

What is more dangerous than Texting While Driving?

How about reading off a Tablet computer that is in your lap while driving your kids around on the Freeway.

Apparently 10 Lanes of Freeway is still not a good firebreak Apparently 10 Lanes of Freeway is still not a good firebreak

Currently there are 5 major brush fires in Northern San Diego County where I live, and two of them have caused major freeways to close because the fire jumped over the freeway. The 5 Freeway as it runs along the Coast and Camp Pendleton has 5 lanes of traffic in each direction, with the average lane being 12 feet wife…

Varying degrees of Text messaging dangers.

So, with my bike in the shop I am driving my STI to work and having to sit in traffic with all the other cagers.

All Police should be required to wear Head Cams and this is why


The Car Pool lane is FAIL The Car Pool lane is FAIL

http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/hdbk/traf… Car Pooling was originally introduced as a way to encourage ride sharing to both lower emissions and traffic on the highways by rewarding those who did so with a special lane on the freeway. I don' think this has actually ever worked as intended and needs to be done away with. The…