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The Voltron Project, Part 6. The Voltron Project, Part 6.

I’ve been stabbing away at this, but since it’s a busy time of year for me, I haven’t had as much time as I would like. I took a lot of time in October to sew up a Grim Reaper costume for WeePiglet, which was a smashing success!

Election Day OT Election Day OT

I am about to head over to my polling place to cast my votes here in NJ.

Fun with Freecycle (Mid-day OT)

I have been a member of my local Freecycle list for almost 13 years. It’s been fun - I have managed to give away some amazing things, and have received some interesting things as well.

The Voltron Project, Part 5. The Voltron Project, Part 5.

26 pages done! I finally finished the blade of the sword and have started on the hilt. Soooo many new colors, yaaaay!

The Voltron Project, Part 4 The Voltron Project, Part 4

It’s been a busy couple of weeks but I have managed to find a pretty decent chunk of time almost every day to work on the beast.

Resistance Can Be Delicious

Penzey’s has been killing it with the politically-slanted posts for some time now. Yesterday he posted about how his posts get reactions ranging from “Customer for life!” to “ugh, keep politics out of it” to “NEVER BUYING FROM YOU AGAIN.”

The Voltron Project, Part 3 The Voltron Project, Part 3

I was starting to feel a bit like Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day, all “this black/white/grey is NEVER. GOING. TO. END” but now that I’ve unfurled it, I can see just how much I’ve finished.

The Voltron Project, Part 2. The Voltron Project, Part 2.

I am making progress on this, even though it is going to take literal years to finish it. I can’t think about that too hard because it’s daunting, but I did it to myself and I WILL finish it! Or go blind, I’m not sure.

The Voltron Project, Part 1. The Voltron Project, Part 1.

I have always loved Voltron. The cartoon was out when I was in 4th grade and I was a huge fan! Still am! At some point, our household acquired a Voltron coloring book, which I still have (but cannot currently locate due to the state of disarray in which my bookcases exist).

Mark Salling of "Glee" has died

I got really bored with Glee, really fast. But I do like to read celebrity gossip, so this dude kept showing up and not in a good way.

Any Resume/CV experts out there?

Not that I want you to work for free if that is your actual job, but I have an appointment tomorrow with my university’s Career Services and they want to see a hard copy of my resume. I have some questions.

What Day Is It?  AM OT

Apparently today is Wednesday? I had no idea. Had you asked me when I dragged myself out of bed, I would have said Tuesday or maybe Thursday? I don’t know. This week is stupid-busy.

Happy Leif Eriksen Day! [UPDATED] Happy Leif Eriksen Day! [UPDATED]

In the year 1001, Leif Eriksen set foot on what we now call North America. Not a lot of historical records from those times are available, but we can guess that he didn’t immediately start a campaign of rape and enslavement of the indigenous peoples, unlike SOME PEOPLE whose names rhyme with “shmeuropeans.” (Yes, I…

Entertainment for the housebound?

Hi GT, I need some ideas.

Weirdest movie cameo? Weirdest movie cameo?

What’s-His-Name and I were flipping channels yesterday and came across “Stuck on You” which is one of those movies we end up uh... sticking with when we land on it.

Help me do crafty!!

I’m willfully ignoring whatever is happening today. I think 6 days out of 7 is more than enough to throw myself at life. Today my brain gets a break.

Instant Pot - Cool Gadget or Cult Gateway

Drunk Me, whom I normally adore because she’s funny and can sing really well (that’s a lie), ordered an Instant Pot on Amazon the other day. Then Sober Me was all “well, let’s see what all the fuss is about” when some of the friends expressed happiness with theirs.

Adult-Onset Undergrad Adult-Onset Undergrad

As most of you know, I am a 41-year-old college junior (-ish). Midterms are upon us and so I thought I’d take a minute to look at how my first semester back after a 14-year absence is going.

College is kicking my elderly ass College is kicking my elderly ass

...but in a good way!

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