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JH2 hunting. JH2 hunting.

Begin rant: So, I’ve been stalking my local Walmart for jh2 for the last week or so on brickseek, because they’re the only one showing any inventory in my area. Also, now that Target doesn’t show quantity, I figured Walmart was my best bet. They showed 2 cases Tuesday night, so I went. No dice. Wednesday I was blessed…

E-Thirty Thursday! E-Thirty Thursday!

I got to have a great discussion with Herr Quattro a little while back where he spied my e30 In The background of another pic.

Nate13's frostbite sale! Nate13's frostbite sale!

It’s so cold here. So I had some time to go through my casts and sort some I would be okay with finding new homes for.

I got a thing! I got a thing!

And it’s a sheet of glass! Thought I’d try it out. Cell phone pics to follow:

Wednesday mess.  Wednesday mess. 

Here’s some current project progress. After a great conversation with Herr Quattro over IG earlier, I ended up getting some pictures of what’s on my bench at the moment. Here’s a quick recap.

Quick update/SS Hawl. Quick update/SS Hawl.

Hey guys, I’ve been doing a LOT of traveling and working on other projects so all diecast except random hawls have been on hold.

Happy 356(B) day! Happy 356(B) day!

An old maisto that has a lot of sentimental value to me. So dusty I decided to clean it up! Left the interior dust so it actually looks carpeted! Haha. Happy holidays!

Custom Updates! Custom Updates!

Just pictures of some progress.

Something I'm working on.  Something I'm working on. 

Just a preview! Anyone recognise it?

These numbers seem to lie.  These numbers seem to lie. 

They say 1/768, but...

Cars and Donut's! Cars and Donut's!

Tip of the cap to Bell King for the heads up.

Sunday Funday Continues! -964 style Sunday Funday Continues! -964 style

Maybe I should have saved this for Tuesday, but I was excited to finish. Pictured below is my teal 964 with camel interior. I posted some WIP on my IG page earlier but now I found some fitting wheels and got it clearcoated. Anyway, on to the picdump.

Land of the Rising-Sun day: 620 Land of the Rising-Sun day: 620

I found that new Datsun 620 with the camo and steelies. I love this cast so much, I was excited when I saw the next color it would be coming in. The tampos were weak, but it had good bones, so I started stripping the decals off the side. The pass side went perfect, then the paint on the driver’s side must have been…

I got a thing!  I got a thing! 

I saw a good deal come up on a portable lightbox and thought, finally! Now I don’t have to base all or most of my images on when the sun is out.

Lald Fantasy Custom (with some tuetonic content) Lald Fantasy Custom (with some tuetonic content)

So, I’ve been buried at work, haven’t been home during the daylight in a couple weeks and today was no exception. Except I found the greenlight gas station set and got excited. So I made it work.

Fall for sale post Fall for sale post

Hey all, below is what I’m trying to clear out.

Hawl and HWEP Hawl and HWEP

Sweet Hawl today!

Lald Custom Contest Lald Custom Contest

Twin Mill III. I’ll get some better pictures when I get out of work in time to see the sun haha.

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