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i have a horrible problem that some people would love to have. i have a horrible problem that some people would love to have.

everyone has problems. so people have small dicks. some people have large dicks, but want to be women. some people own mazda miatas and dont enjoy driving them on public roads. i fit into the 3rd group.

So i need to sell my iroc :( So i need to sell my iroc :(

fucking car chugs gasoline like its going out of style:(

Mind=Shattered Mind=Shattered

So, yesterday i get a facbook request from a girl i had a massive crush on in 9th and 10th grade...

What are friends for... What are friends for...

So about a month ago I bought a real minty Iroc-z, with a lil 'help*' from a friend....


im mad!

Sometimes you just have to haul ass in a boring SUV..

...threw some rich uppity back roads....who ever says a ford escape cant out run a shitty driver in an m3 or a cop in a new taurus is sadly mistaken...keep that big boring non-descript suv balanced on the edge, and that fat whore will fly.

need a carfax!

who here has carfax? im looking at a jeep and need one

So i met bobby rahal

tonight at a jaguar owners club meeting (my dads a member) bobby rahal was the guest speaker. i got to ask him how to get into racing today, and got to talk to him and a good friend of his for a couple minutes at the just...idk...humbled? reeling? reveling? whats the correct word?

Highballin' Highballin'

so jerry reed was also a trucker in another movie, call highballin', and i know what its not as well known. the cars that were cast in it SUCK! not one car is interesting or cool. plus theres a kid instead of a dog. dog's always win out to kids. otherwise, theres a 'cowboy' and a chick, just like smokey and…

LOL, snow.

to all you fucks whining about the snow...its winter time, it snows in hte winter, shut the hell up and put some clothing on, its not going to kill you. if you hate teh weahter that much, there are places in hte world that never see snow, move there!

And this is why racecars make you poor

so i need to buy or pay for:


Please read and give me your thoughts

oppo sucks oppo sucks

its keeping me from the lady in the garage post drift videos to motivate me to work on my car!

i saw a penis today!

piss was coming out of it. it was mine!

How the hell did I do this? How the hell did I do this?

So this is out of my miatas limited slip diff that I was in the process of shimming. the car is 'stock' under the hood, and had a stock clutch (there is no clutch now, i need to order one). this would have emitted a loud bang when breaking, but i cant remember ever hearing one while drift-i mean driving it

how the hell...

do you overheat in 20 degree weather? even with the hood poped, and hte engine bay packed with snow, my camaro love to over heat when it gets cold. when its 50 out, its fine, but get below freezing, and it overheats like its 110* out

so i have only one wish this christmas so i have only one wish this christmas

not to have my car paid off or any crap like that ....

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