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Mid-week nail talk Mid-week nail talk

Hi guys, I have a fill on Friday and can’t decide what to do. I’m seeing a new tech cause the girl I saw for years has left the industry. My biggest bitch about previous tech is she didn’t do matte cause it was too instagram-y, which is fair. These are my nails right now and I dunno what I want to do colour wise, if I…

Terrified (TW: police militarization) 

This is what it’s come to, defending your ha’houthee (traditional territory) is considered terrorism. I am shaking and crying, I’ve not been this angry in a long time. Going to burn some sweetgrass and sing a few songs, keep Standing Rock in your hearts and call the hell out of your elected officials. I just sent…

What is wrong with me

So I had a stomach flu, it landed me in hospital and ended up hurting muscles and cartilage in my chest, and they gave me morphine. Took it for a couple days, didn’t need it yesterday so I didn’t take it and I sweated through three shirts last night and didn’t sleep well. I took a tiny dose once a day for a super…

The birb weighs in. Feel the BIRB!  The birb weighs in. Feel the BIRB! 


In which I pick out a tarot deck

Hi groupthink- I got an online tarot course from groupon (it was $5, don't judge) and it necessitates buying a tarot deck (duhhh). So I'm putting it out to you, which decks do you like? Which did/do you find most clear to work with as a beginner? Which decks speak to you and why?

Test test

Oh good, I’ve still got posting privs.


So a blogger I normally adore (fuller figure bigger bust) shared the dumbest post from a woman who wasn’t hired by Benefit cause of her tattoos. She is calling it discrimination. I don’t wanna wade into the comments and argue with the keyboard warriors there, but hooly fuck. I have large, visible tattoos. I am not to…

Riddle me this, groupthink 

Why the fuck is it so difficult to find women's base layers/long underwear in the Pacific Northwest in September?!? Everyone is getting geared up for winter activities... I just want to be warm in London without bulk. So so so difficult.

London trip! Sept 10th-19th

Hello groupthink

In which I grit my teeth

So, I'm a renter and my partner and I share a fence with a neighbour. I'd hung our tent to dry after a trip on said shared fence. Two hours later, neighbour knocks on our dore choked asking us to take the tent down because it didn't look nice. My partner did cause he's mister don't rock the boat. I wanted to tell…

Attention: Bumblecat, Chritter and other lovers of feeeeesh

I has smoked tuna in my fridge, it's hot today. What nibbles would you serve with smoked tuna for a hot weather dinner? Can't think beyond crackers and something acidic to break up the smoke and richness. Thoughts?

Now panic and freak out

Guys. I start a new job Wednesday. I'm having some major "what if they don't like me" style anxiety. It's sort of related to my degree, and has a whole lot more responsibility than my current job. I'm genuinely scared they'll decide I'm godawful after one day. Totally stupid and navel gazey I know.

Siblings, or when is tone policing not tone policing

So I have a 17 year old sister, and holy crow she is rude. I don't know if she doesn't realize how she sounds, or just doesn't give a fuck. Prime example— I asked her if she'd mind unloading the dishwasher, her reply was " shut the fuck up, you've been home all day", when " I'm in the middle of something/I'd prefer…

Vagina whines (TW: discussion of vaginal health stuff)

(placeholder....abandon hope all ye who enter here)

Side dish help, please!

My Canadian self has no idea what to serve with the pulled pork I've got bubbling away in the crock pot. I'm gonna do a grocery store run in about half an hour, so ideas please!

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