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GTO - It hasn't broken yet GTO - It hasn't broken yet

The GTO rolled over 70K this month. The grind of a daily driver seems to roll right off it, just as the miles seems to slip by at its preferred cruising speed of 85mph. I’ve never owned a GM car before now, but I don’t think I could expect better from any manufacturer. A 2004 anything with 73K miles would be forgiven…

Idaho, everybody. Idaho, everybody.

Shooter. Dick Shooter.

Educate me about fuel cells Educate me about fuel cells

So I’ve got my wheels and am shambling around checking out my tire options. I’m starting to check out my next project. I’m thinking I’m losing a bit of fuel pressure so a fuel pump is coming for the GTO. But now that I’m back there I’m starting to realize my trunk is actually pretty damn big. But my fuel tank is…

Gunlopponik Gunlopponik

Going to the gun range tomorrow and Dad is gonna pony up some cash to rent some of their more exotic offerings.

On insurance

Alright oppo, you may have seen my previous posts about my accident woes, rebuilding the GTO and such. Now the time has come for me to pay the piper.

Dallas shooting Dallas shooting

Lived here all my life and never experienced anything like this. Hundreds of people in peaceful protest and this happens. 5 officers dead.

Oppo, I want a van Oppo, I want a van

Like, am I just evolving into my next form or is there something wrong?

Brakes are finally done - A GTO update Brakes are finally done - A GTO update

I did a thing and converted the ‘04 brakes to ‘05 GTO brakes. DBA slotted rotors front and rear. Hawk Ceramics for a C5 Corvette. ‘05 GTO front Calipers.

It's my birthday - amuse me It's my birthday - amuse me

With fun pictures of cars I’ll never afford.

I bought a thing just now and Horizon 3 can't come soon enough I bought a thing just now and Horizon 3 can't come soon enough

I found one on Amazon that was a warehouse deal with damaged packaging (pff) and said yes to the aluminum paddle goodness.

More LS exhaust noise

Forgot I took this the other night. I’ll attempt better at some point but for now, enjoy a broken microphone.

Maybe Craig Mazin should run for the GOP nomination...

I’m just saying, he sounds like he could out-Trump the Donald.

I can't stop looking at wheels I can't stop looking at wheels

Fifteen52 Formula on top, Tarmac on bottom.

That moment when you realize that your mother corrected your use of “gangbanger” in reference to a thug because she knows what the other meaning of the word is.

The description of speed

Any of you Opponaughts that know how to read have favorite examples of books featuring driving? Like, the description of driving or speed in an effective way.

Bored at work

Chuck you, Farley. You and your whole fam damily. You ain’t so muchin’ fuch. Why don’t you go in your jackyard and back off, see if it shiv a get.

A driver at the company apparently picked a fight with the wrong guy at a freight dock and lost. Called from the ER and now the truck has to be picked up.

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