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ETA-i know that storywise, this was far from signifigant, but I rewound this little scene like ten times. Tormund’s face goes from totally smitten gazing to a flash of “yikes she caught me” straight into “HEY BABY”, which is a LOT of stuff to push through a face full of beard. ACTING!

Tell me something good

The black dark is at the door. It’s been a while. I need some help pushing the old emotional furniture up against the door. Make me laugh GT! To the barricades!

What's this, y'all? What's this, y'all?

This magical thing hangs over from the neighbor’s back yard. Sometimes the blossoms are yellow. Gigantic moths the size of hummingbirds feed from it at night.

My life of endless glamour! My life of endless glamour!

Check it out y’all it’s WHITNEY from Southern Charm!

Ladies! Strap that shit down!

A little-known effect of binding your squishy parts with shapewear to keep your offensive rolls and bulges confined is that OUR SHAME IS GOING TO POOCH OUT SOMEWHERE. It is our responsibility to keep our FUPAs from frightening the horses. THANK YOU SCIENCE!

The best party!

So I’ve been helping out with a fundraiser, and it was not only a fabulous work experience but the party was super fun, everything worked, the event sold out and then some.

Not a Housewives watcher? Move along

i loved the old-school boss bitch luncheon that Phae and NeNe threw for Tootie, and Phaedra’s impersonation of Kenya was a TOUR DE FORCE Y’ALL.

The view from the float The view from the float

HOLY SHIT YALL!!! If you were there and I missed you please forgive me. MUSES LOVES YOU!!!!

Coded message for NOLA people

Tomorrow night........float #10, neutral ground, up top, position three. Be persistent, it’s hard to see you.

If you're in NOLA this week If you're in NOLA this week

Come see the Krewe of Muses parade on Thursday night! Make an effort, get a shoe!

I did not make these I did not make these

Look at these amazing shoes made for the Muses parade this Thursday night! The boot is a map of the parade route. The clock works. I mean, damn.

Mothers of twin girls I'm watching The Bachelor

And I’ve got to ask. Do any of you think it’s cool to encourage your young ladies to compete with each other over a man? With the knowledge that men may come and go, this is disturbing to me, but I don't have a sister, so...


Lawd have mercy this is the prettiest thing I’ve seen on TV ever. My eyeballs are drunk with the prettiness.

David Bowie second line today David Bowie second line today

Started at Preservation Hall, ended at One Eyed Jack’s. Arcade Fire led behind the band. It was a beautiful day

1979 all over again 1979 all over again

And I’m re-rockin’ the side pony.

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