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Oppo Stickers??

Anyone know who to contact for an Oppo sticker?

Finally home... Finally home...

So, it’s taken a few days for it to happen but my new (to me) 2000 EX Coupe is finally here.

New Car Acquired  New Car Acquired 

So, the Civic was as advertised. A rarity in Criagslist land. Seller worked for a small used car lot, and was selling his personal car.

Thoughts...? Thoughts...?

I posted a few pics on my previous VIN check post, but wanted some opinions. So here is the car in question.

VIN check 

I had a previous VIN request post awhile back, and apparently the seller sent the wrong info. Long story short, that WASN’T the car for me.

Need VIN help please....

Can any OPPO help out a recently un-employed guy with a VIN check?

Spotted in NJ... Spotted in NJ...

First RS I have seen in Jersey.

Happy Graduation!!!!

AND, it has the ULTRA RARE V8 option!!

At the back gate this evening At the back gate this evening

I live in a gated community in Northern NJ (I rent haha), and I see some interesting cars on the regular. This beauty was in front of me last Friday after work.

I don't even...

How in the heck does your car get like this?

NP or CP? And advise needed....

OPPO educate me on this gen Bimmer. Is this rust a deal breaker? And what about price? It looks to be well sorted. I emailed him for more info and possible test drive this weekend. Now that I am car-less again, I need to find a nice, clean daily on the CHEAP. I know a cheap BM is the most expensive BMW, but I am…

Found on NJ CL

Awful lot of work for not much HP compared to a cheap turbo set-up.

An update on the job search

So, last I had mentioned to Oppo, I had a scheduled interview for Thursday morning, after being back in NJ for only a few hours.

Back in NJ...

Back in NJ, more details after the jump...

I can't believe I forgot that....

Today, 3/14/2016 is the 2oth anniversary of me leaving for Navy Basic Training.

Back to the Garden State

As the title suggests mentions, I am moving back to New Jersey from Phoenix next Monday. After a full year here, with some up’s and many down’s, I decided that being near my family was what I need most right now.

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