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Photo Dump Photo Dump

Need somewhere for this pic that isn’t behind a firewall. Thanks, Kinja. You’re my only hope.

Friday Funny Friday Funny

You have to love the Japanese. I am stealing this from the Car Talk Facebook page, which continues to post sporadically years after the show came to a close. I was laughing in my office a little too loudly.

Ford RS History Ford RS History

Ford has put up a little promotion for the new Focus RS that will soon be gloriously hooning around the world, and part of it is this excellent poster.

PS 4 Driving Games

I received an Amazon gift card for Xmas and want to use it on a driving game for PS 4, but wanted to tap the Oppo brain trust. Project Cars looks amazing, and seems like it is a true racing sim.

Turbo Blown Volvo Owns

Picked this up on Twitter from the fine people over at R&T and thought I would share here. Where else are you going to see a Volvo 240 racing a Mitsubishi Mirage hatch with 750 HP?!?

Lego VIP's Can  Advance Order the F40 Today!

I know I set a reminder on my Google calendar, what are you waiting for!

Tesla Model 3 Release Date

Upon news of the Model 3 coming in both a sedan and crossover form to please the masses, I anticipate some skepticism from my fellow Jalops.

Display Shelf Display Shelf

Anyone looking for a cheap/utilitarian display option for auto items...OK, toys and books, let’s be real...should check out the IKEA pick up I made over this past weekend. I assembled it after work last night with the aid of a couple of Stone Pale Ale 2.0’s. Metal cabinet with actual glass doors/sides for $99

Twitter Follow/Volvo Porn

The feed @history_pics is photos of historic figures, places and machines throughout history. Worth a follow. The latest is totally Jalop worthy, and thought I would share.

Weekend Find Weekend Find

I was out and about with the girlfriend last weekend and scored these cool little tin badges at an antique shop.

Good First Bike? Honda CB160 Good First Bike? Honda CB160

I’ve been contemplating a bike for some time now. I just want something to cruise around on in the city and don’t plan on doing any long trips or even time on the highway with it. I’m looking to spend as little as possible and see if owning a bike and riding is something I would enjoy. Bonus points if it is something…

Kinja Sucks Balls Kinja Sucks Balls

I wanted to recommend some posts, kill some time over lunch - NOPE. Kinja'd

Car Shopping!!! Part 2 Car Shopping!!! Part 2

Well that didn't last long - we drove this home today.…

Car Shopping!

So last week I sold my car and I now find myself without a vehicle for the first time in years. The primary reason for doing this was I now work from home and the car just sat there most days each week. My long time girlfriend has a commute each day, but she refused to learn how to drive a manual transmission (lame -…

Jeep J4000 For Sale in Bend, OR Jeep J4000 For Sale in Bend, OR

My brother is in Bend, OR, and has been meaning to get around to selling his truck. I figured I'd help him out. He posted on Craigslist months ago and the listing has since expired. Hoping this will generate some interest and a fellow Jalop may give it a new home. Again - this is my brothers truck, not mine, so I am…

Ford Announces GT Pricing - Outrage Ensues

Looks like the car that all of the commentariat could not stop talking about a few weeks ago just ran over everyone's fucking dog. People are OUTRAGED that Ford would charge $400K for a halo car that they will only be producing 250 of each year.

Spotted In The Wild Spotted In The Wild

I was surprised to see one on the road so soon. Sorry for the poor photos, there was a lamp post and a parking meter blocking all the good angles. Just parked on the street in the middle of Wicker Park in Chicago, all salty.

CAS 2015!  CAS 2015! 

I had a blast today at the Chicago Auto Show on press day as someone who was there just to take in the sights and sit in some drivers seats. I snapped a lot of smartphone photos, and here is a sampling - I'll make a more comprehensive post this weekend at some point. GT!

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