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Thursday GT OT

Hi yall and happy Thursday! It has been a long week already, has it not? I am still sending a lot of love out to our Texas peeps even while I am ensconced in my own petty nonsense (more in comments).

Please Send Dry Thoughts

I feel like this is not making national news, although it should, but if anyone wants to please send dry, non rainy thoughts to New Orleans and sit back for a tale of a really poorly run government entity, now is the time.

Calling board gamers! (and present advice OT!)

Hi yall - I am hoping you can help me with a present for my sister. It’s her birthday and she and her boyfriend have just moved in together in a new city, and we are thinking about getting them a board game they (and maybe new friends) could both enjoy.

Do you want a quick break from Comey?

Of course you don’t, because this is an amazing dumpster fire. BUT this is also very important and amused me to no end.

Etiquette Advice OT

Bring all of your random, large or small, etiquette/what should I do questions here! Or come and give etiquette advice to others :) Also - how do you feel about etiquette in general? Pointless rules, or helpful guidelines for people to navigate the world?

PSA: Queen Sugar is on Hulu

A while back, MarthaJones posted about how amazing Queen Sugar was and I commented at the time about how I was dying to watch it but how it was something that was very hard to get access to without paying for each episode or if you were not a cable subscriber.

How did you know the house you bought was "your house"?

Hi GT! Tell me your house buying stories please, and how you decided or knew when the house you bought was the one for you.

Hot Takes and Unpopular Opinions: Leave 'em here

Let’s do this, GT. Get it off your chest! Here is mine:

I'll just leave this right here...

This appears to be legit from what I can see: The prices on their website are set to 0. There is a shipping and handling fee but it is actually very reasonable (for me it was about $4.50). I am ordering myself!

Monday Morning Long Read

This is long, but worth it - a very insightful take on the current generation of young white men who are supporting the far right.

A Little Levity A Little Levity

...things have been dark around here today, so please enjoy these woke jokes.

Goodbye, Wisdom Teeth!

I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow! What are your best tips and experiences from when you had them out, GT? What is the one thing you wish you’d known or prepared for better? I know it varies quite a lot per person and situation, but I will take any advice you’ve got :)

Monday Morning Grumps

Please place your grumpiness here, over big or little things.

Offbeat or Hilarious Valentine's Day Cards Offbeat or Hilarious Valentine's Day Cards

In the spirit of the day - not the actual spirit, but the spirit of those who don’t really care about the holiday but always enjoy something good and weird or hilarious... please share the weirdest, funniest, head-tiltingest, Valentines that you’re seeing today!

Can you be a Pro Life Feminist?

This is a discussion we started to briefly touch on the other day, on accordingto’s excellent post regarding the organizations that the Women’s March was choosing to partner with, which included some organizations that were distinctly anti choice.

My favorite new internet comment ever My favorite new internet comment ever

So here I am on the interwebs, just looking for cute videos to share with my nieces, when I come across my favorite new internet comment ever.

A Very Special Thread for Those of Us Who Are Working On MLK Day.

Hello everyone! Are you also already bored, because no one else you know has to work? Why does your company make you work? Please share interesting and fun things here to keep us going through the day!

Your favorite holiday cookies? Your favorite holiday cookies?

Hi all! I turn once again to the great hivemind for suggestions - I have a holiday cookie swap this weekend and want to make something cute and fun and delicious (there is a contest!). What are your go-to holiday cookie recipes? Preferably easy and without expensive ingredients, of course :)

Where To Get Your News From: A Graphic Where To Get Your News From: A Graphic

We’ve been chatting a lot lately about what news sources we find to be reliable, what ones are insane, and which ones are surprisingly good (I’m rooting for you Buzzfeed), so I thought some of us might enjoy this helpful graphic about common news sources:

It's Over - Louisiana Senate Race Results

No one has officially conceded yet, but as expected, Republican candidate John Kennedy has beat Foster Campbell to win the LA senate seat by a considerable margin 61% to 39%.

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