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If you had to recast It's a Wonderful Life...

..You wouldn’t because that would be a terrible thing to do. But if you had to, who do you see as George Bailey? I just cannot think of a working actor today that fits has that conventional handsomeness/slight goofiness mixed with despair.

Katy Perry is incapable of being original Katy Perry is incapable of being original

But at least it isn't another culture this time?

GT March Madness?

I know there was a link to a bracket challenge for GT, anyone want to re-link it here? Thank you!

What is happening on Law and Order SVU right now?

I am really surprised they didn't throw in a policitian sending dick pics just to make sure to cover all relevant news bases.

Fatigue/Tiredness Fatigue/Tiredness

Alright guys, I need your experiences. Have any of you dealt with fatigue before? If so, what was the cause?

How do I get a doctor to call me back with my damn blood test results?

I got them done last week Friday. They have been in since Tuesday. He refuses to call me. I've called 4 times now and I know he has gotten the message. I keep feeling worse and worse and I know something is wrong, so I would like to either a) know what it is b) know what it isn't so I can start to fix myself.

Pilates, yes or no?

Is anyone here a fan of pilates? It looks fun, but it can be expensive so I am not sure if it's justifiable over a regular gym membership. Is it good for becoming leaner and stronger?

When your parents call you fat

I honestly want to die right now. I went to see my dad for a few hours because I was in town and I felt obligated even though everytime I go I end up leaving pissed off or sad or missing my mom a ton (she died 3 years ago). When I got there, my aunt said I looked thin. My dad then said I was getting fat. Then he said…

Engagement Party Etiquette

I am part of a bridal party of 6 or 7 I think and 2 of the other girls decided they wanted to throw an engagement party. They're asking if everyone in the bridal party can pay 50 and they'll cover the rest. Is this normal? I think it's normal for bachelorette parties, but it seems a little odd for them to offer to…

My boyfriend tricked me into coming home "It's 1:30", motherfucker it was 11:30, and now I am sad and bored and drunk (not blacked out though) so what do I do?

Why did he lie?Why didn't he just say babe I am super tired. I didn't really believe it was 1:30 but then I was like why would he lie?

Anyone want to discuss the Vampire Diaries Finale? SPOILERS.

Let's make sure I don't post spoilers on the front page this time...

Vampire Diaries/Originals -- SPOILERS

Did anyone watch this?

One more glass of wine?

I've had 2 and I am sufficiently tipsy and traveling for work and there is a hotel bar, RIGHT DOWNSTAIRS. The answer is yes, right? If only to people watch and report back.

Can I wear red to an evening wedding?

I'm going to a wedding that specifies "cocktail attire" and it is in the evening. Can I wear red to this or is that too flashy? What about black?

Curious: How often do you compromise in your relationship when it comes to doing things you don't want to do?

I've recently been a bit annoyed at my boyfriend because almost every weekend he has some random cousin or friend from college coming to town who we have to go hang out with. Or his parents come (who I love, but they're tiring to be around, very proper) and we have to see them.

Science Jezzies..

At what speed would the earth have to be spinning for us humans to be able to feel it (I don't mean detect in a lab, I mean lay people feeling it)? Does this question even make sense? The internet has not been able to help me.

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