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Fog Lights! Fog Lights!

For about two year now, I’ve really wanted fog lights on one of my cars, either the grand prix or the pt cruiser. I just thought they were cool and useful, at the same time. Money priorities, and other things, kept getting in the way so I’ve been pushing off this project for a long time. Plus, I didn’t want to get…

A New Ear A New Ear

Last winter a tree attacked my car, and the casualty was the passenger’s side view mirror. Fast forward a few months until now, my wife has been sitting in the passenger seat and not having a mirror there annoys her. So I went to the junkyard and got a used one.

Burn Baby, Burn! Burn Baby, Burn!

I drove my parents corolla last week, wasn’t a good experience. It hadn’t been driven in a month or two (they live out of state so it resides at my house). I took it for a test drive, and a horrible scraping noise came from the axle, but went away after I increased speed. Then I got a whiff of a smell that seemed to…

Increase Rear Traction!!1! Increase Rear Traction!!1!

Lately one of my hobbies has been computers and networking. And since I’m heavily restricted in the funds department, I posted on FB (to family and friends) that if they had old computer items, I’d love to take it off their hands, scavenge it for parts, then properly dispose of the leftovers. Someone really took me up…

I hate stepping stones  I hate stepping stones 

The other day I decided to be adventurous and lower the mowing deck two numbers down... that was a bad idea. I lowered it enough to hit one of the stepping stones in the yard; bent the blade and also made a pretty firework show as sparks flew out of the deck.

Your Insight Please  Your Insight Please 

Hey Oppo, I’d like your insight to help narrow down a problem. On the pt cruiser, the fan works, but does not blow ice cold air. We’ve had it recharged before, and it worked... until it didn’t.



Been Busy Lately... Been Busy Lately...

So here are some pics to show off some of my newer castings, and some of my older ones to keep it fresh. Idk, but it was fun setting it up for the pics!

Nearly Eight Years... Nearly Eight Years...

My pt cruiser is an ‘08, I bought it in 2010. I’ve owned it for nearly eight years so far. It was also my very first car that I bought. Not sure about the rest of oppo, but I feel like that is a long time; especially in today’s society where people always want something better.

A cool idea I had A cool idea I had

I figured, “hey, let’s put some pieces of wood on the diorama”. I thought it turned out pretty well. What do you guys think?

Don't see this everyday... Don't see this everyday...

Got gas and saw this truck filling up on diesel. It apparently belongs to a dealership called Cauley, which is near Detroit. Still, I was surprised to see this truck out in the sticks, aka country.

Went to the Henry Ford Museum  Went to the Henry Ford Museum 

My parents are visiting from Florida and took my family to the museum. Apparently one of the curators was a good friend to my younger brother, so we got to hang out with her for half the visit (until her job called, that is).

Early Bday Hawl Early Bday Hawl

My birthday is this Saturday, but I got to open a few presents early, hooray!

I paid off my Grand Prix! I paid off my Grand Prix!

I’m proud to say that I now have two cars, totally paid off, sitting in my driveway! For me, that’s a personal accomplishment!

Not a New Hawl Not a New Hawl

I got this blue AW Ford GT40 a while ago... just now posting it. I picked it up because it was on clearance, and would look good on the track diorama. It’s a shame it has the same number as the red GT40, but it’s still a nice casting.

It's been a rough week... It's been a rough week...

My year old boy is sick, I got incredibly sick and called out of work last Tuesday. Wednesday morning I was feeling well enough to go to the office (I have to get those hours in)... ended up backing up and breaking my side view mirror when I side-swiped a tree. Broke the motor inside of it, broke the color-matching…

Went to Rural King... Went to Rural King...

It was the first time I’ve ever gone to one; it’s best described as a country-themed Walmart. I went because mrsztp said they had a set like this (link below) at the store; an awesome Ertl Harvesting set, which appears to have a true scale 1/64 Combine Harvester (and everyone should know I LOVE true scale castings).…

Big Hawl  Big Hawl 

I got this Motor Max 1/24 ‘79 Ford F-150 Custom a few weeks ago, but haven’t had time to share. It’s a pretty simplistic model, nothing special about it, but I absolutely love old Ford trucks; especially the ones with square bodies. So when I saw this, I had to have it.

Krispy Kreme Hawl Krispy Kreme Hawl

The newest addition to my collection is this GL ‘39 Chevy Panel Truck. What a awesome little casting too! The cool factor is dialed up further when I discovered that Krispy Kreme donuts was founded in 1937! Which makes this truck a real-life, period correct casting! Idk, I just thought that was really neat, :).

First crash of the year First crash of the year

It happened last night returning home from work. Not entirely sure what happened, but I lost control of the car when it tried to fishtail and I tried to correct it; the car fishtailed worst as I over corrected it. It did a 180 spin and landed in a ditch; the force of the impact apparently turned the engine off.

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